Looking for Cell Phone Service with Cheap phones...or a Cheap Landline

Updated on July 08, 2008
K.H. asks from Keller, TX
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okay so when we moved here my sister gave us a cell phone for christmas. so we are on their plan, but we pay them monthly for our part. well long story short even though we have paid them our cell phones are off right now. we have two kids one of whom is disabled so you can see that it is very important for me to have at least one working phone!!

so i am looking to get new service. the monthly bill is not a problem but we really cant afford new phones (ours are fine) but i know a lot of services wont let you use any phone. our phones came from at&t (used to be cingular when we got them) the problem is we dont have good credit & a lot of cell providers check that. so i am looking for someplace that wont care about our credit without having to pay a fortune for new phones. any suggestions??

what landline service do you have? how much does it cost?

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answers from Dallas on

Get a go phone from walmart. It's through AT&T but it's pay as you go. The phone is like $19.99 or something and I still think you get mobile to mobile and rollove minutes.

For landline, we have AT&T. You can get a basic line (with nothing on it) for like under $20.



answers from Dallas on

did you try tmobile pay flex is the same service the only thing is you need to pay the first month in advance and that way they not check your credit they have about 2 cellphones one is samsung and another oe is nokia i think is around 70.00 dollars each also if you have a cellphone that use sim card you can unlocked that cellphone and switch with the company you want that uses sim cards like tmobile also with pay flex you dont have contract you can cancel anytime



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Try Vonage - I don't recall there being a credit check. The phone quality was good and the price was GREAT!



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I think all cell phone places will check your credit. My nephews started off with a pay as you go phone. I think even AT&T have those and you might be able to use your phones. If not then I think they can be purchased very cheap at Walmart. Most every cell phone company now has these types of phones.

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