Looking for Cabinet/Drawer Locks That Won't Damage Cabinets/drawers

Updated on June 05, 2007
N.M. asks from Vero Beach, FL
4 answers

Hello All,

I'm trying to child-proof my cabinets and drawers and they don't have knobs. I'm in a rental, so I don't want to damage the cabinets by drilling holes in them for the usual type of locks. The only alternative I've found is these adhesive locks: http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId...
But, they are pretty expensive ($6.95 each). Does anyone know of any other options? has anyone used these?


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answers from Los Angeles on

First thing I'd do is contact the home owner and see if they mind you installing them. Some poeple/ places will allow it as long as you leave them in place when you move out.

If that doesn't go over well, keep the most critical things up high. There's no "rules" saying you have to put the poisons under the sink, and the plates and cups up high. We keep our sharp knives in the cabinet over the fridge and in a knife block on the counter between the fridge and stove. We also keep most of our poisons locked in a cabinet outside.

If you have to, you could always replace the knob on a closet door with one that has a key lock. You can put the poisons in there after that. Changing a knob in NO way damages the property and can easily bechanged back before you move.

Hope it helps~ J.

BTW~ all quality saftey products seem to have a "quality" price tag too! remember that you get what you pay for. One of my friends put a "Window Alarm" on the poisons cabinet. She used two-sided foam tape to attach it. That way she could hear the moment her daughter tried to go in there and it scared the jeepers out of her, so she didn't like that particular cabinet after a few attempts.



answers from Sacramento on

Have you tried asking your landlord/manager for permission to install child safety locks? I'm sure he/she would understand since you need it and the person who moves in after you (if you ever move) will probably appreciate it if they have kids. And if the next residents don't have kids, I don't think they would mind anyway because the locks aren't really in the way.



answers from Los Angeles on

hi N.!!!

when i child proofed my kitchen, i went to "the home depot" and found some adhesive latches that go on the outside of the cabinets. they were around 3 dollars each. i have alot of cabinets in my kitchen, and i am also in a rental, so these were sort of a lifesaver (they also work GREAT for the refrigerator!). i did however have to get the screw in kind for the kitchen drawers, but the only damage done was on the inside of the drawers, so it's hidden. all the dfferent latches i found were from "safety first" and they were all at "the home depot" for 2 - 3 dollars a piece, and each package contained between 1 - 4 latches, depending on the size of the latch. hope you find what you need!

C. L.



answers from Las Vegas on

You could also ask the owner if you could install some very inexpensive pull knobs on each drawer, cupboard. Then you would be able to use the childproof locks that latch on the outside, not harming the cupbords.

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