Looking for Birthday Ideas for My Soon to Be 5Yr. Old Princess

Updated on June 26, 2011
T.P. asks from Norwalk, CA
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Hello Moms! My daughter will be 5 in just 4 weeks and I am looking for ideas on "glamour girl" parties. She loves to play dress up, my initial idea was club Libby Lu but they closed!!! I have been searching, but keep finding companies that are out of the area.We are in Norwalk.Any ideas would be appreciated.Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the suggestions! I found a place called Olivia's doll house and tea room in Tustin.They not only do dress up,make up and hair they get to have a tea party as well.Thanks again!

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Put some AWE into your little girls birthday party with a REAL B.. She comes to your location, performs, plays, teaches, interacts and entertains. Perfect for any age child. Ballet theme birthdays are complete with Birthday B.!
Check out our easy-to-read website for all the details. We have video, pictures, resumes, pricing and more. Nothing comes close to the whimsy of a Birthday B. party.

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Hello T.,

I do there is a Libby Lu in Downtown Disney. But, I also work for a company that does parties for little ones.

Its like a spa party. They get to mix their own Skin Sorbet (sugar scrub) paint finger nails, etc. For the younger ones they get to mix they own Body Butter (Lotion) We bring scents like Cotton Candy, Candied Apples, M&M's, a bunch of flower scents, etc.

If you would like more information on this please contact and I can give you more details. The owner of the company has a little girl that just turn 4 and she did this party and the girls had a blast.

We could even turn it into a Princess party or a Tea Party.

Hope to hear from ya,



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go to any party supply store and buy the plain masks they have them in all colors they just cover the eyes and top of the nose, then on a covered table have the girls sit down and decorate them, with feathers and rhinestones, glitter, all kinds of things they can do, so much fun, OR
you can make paper dolls and outfits or you can get a large peice of white paper draw your daughters outline on it, decorate the face and play tape the out fit on to the guest. Tons of things to do .. Enjoy



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What about the pink french poodle theme. My sister just had that theme for my neice's 4th birthday yesturday and it was cute! Try birthdayexpress.com



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have the kids wear robes/pj's and flip flops. hire a high school kid or 2 to help (or aunts/uncles) paint nails, cucumber slices for eyes, and create fun hair do's. buy some of that spray gair glitter. french braid and curl! so, what if it isn't perfect! they'll have fun.



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Hi there - there is this place called UPTOWN GIRLZ in Covina, for some reason i can not locate them online...i don't live to far from there i will try and get the phone number and email it to you. ITs very similar to Libby lu (very sad that they closed).



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Hi T.-
Justice (a girls store)has girl parties. They do their hair, play dress up and more. There's one at the Long Beach Town Center. Good Luck!!

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