Looking for Best Hotels near Disneyland

Updated on April 29, 2008
M.A. asks from Chandler, AZ
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Hi! Does anyone have a hotel suggestion for the best place to stay around Disneyland? We are traveling there for the first time with our 3 and 1 year old girls and would like something nice, clean, kid friendly, and preferably across the street from the entrance so we don't have to play the find the shuttle game. Also, has anyone brought grandparents along for the trip and able to provide any suggestions/tips? Thanks in advance!

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answers from Phoenix on

We went to Disneyland in Oct with my mom, hubby, 2 and 4 years olds. We stayed at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel as well- they offer a free shuttle back and forth. The rooms were massive- it is an older hotel, but recently renovated - the lobby is amazing- the staff was great- the rooms were clean. We had 2 queen beds- my mom and son slept in one, my husband and I in one and a pack in play- the room was so large! We even had our double stroller parked in there. The only drawback was the elevator- kinda small and slow- but overall- worth every dollar spent!


We booked through Disneyland online with the Sheraton and were able to get some coupons and early passes into Toon Town and stuff. I highly recommend this hotel.
Have fun!!! and bring a grandparent!!!



answers from Tucson on

Hi there. We just booked a Disneyland trip for July. I had the same questions. I highly recommend the website accommodationsneardisney.com. I used it and got all of my questions answered. It has a great map of the area showing where each hotel is located and specifying whether it is in walking or shuttle distance. There are also reviews from other families that were very helpful. We chose the Anaheim Del Sol Motel. It's not the prettiest but it's right across the street from the entrances of Disneyland and California Adventure- which makes running back for naps a breeze! Also I called them directly and told them the price I was getting on-line, and they immediatly changed their offer to beat the price! We got a great deal. Have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

Best Western Stovall's Inn is a hotel that is really close to the entrance of Disneyland. I believe they have a Denny's connected to it, but they also offer a continental breakfast.

The last time we went to Disneyland we stayed at Sheraton Anaheim Hotel which looks like a castle. The children thought it was an attraction in and of itself. We opted to take the shuttle the first two days, which really wasn't too bad and the third day we drove. We really liked the shuttle except for the night that it got cold and everyone was trying to get on at the same time. But they had three shuttles running so we only waited about five minutes.

We have stayed at the Best Western about three times and all three times we had a great experience. It is very economy, but that also means that it is very affordable.

As for grandparents, ours usually go with us to sit with my daughter during the rides she can't go on. My mother in law has some knee issues, so this last time we got a wheelchair and pushed her around. IT really makes the whole experience more enjoyable if you have other adults that are willing to help. I guess if they aren't very helpful or too helpful(you know what I mean) then the experience would not be the same. We love our family and enjoy sharing our children's experiences with them. So, I say go for it, but don't share a hotel room-they can watch the kids at night;)



answers from Phoenix on

The Best Western Park Place is where we always stay when we go to Disneyland. It is directly across the street (Harbor Blvd) from the main entrance. It's affordable and we have never had any problems there. What's great is, you can go back to the room for naps and back to the park without any hassle. Have fun on your trip. I can't wait to take my boys to Disneyland one of these days!



answers from Phoenix on

Hi M.! There are a ton of great hotels right near Disneyland. Everytime I've gone to Disneyland, I've done Priceline.com to get my hotel and I've always gotten our rooms dirt cheap for like $50 bucks per night. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Sacramento on

Hi M.,

If you go to the official website for Disneyland, they have a list of hotels that you can look at and decide for yourself which one would be best. They tell you where they are located, what they offer and also what ratings they have gotten. I booked my entire trip there and got a very decent price on everything. I hope you have a great time.


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