Looking for Baby Patterns for Sewing.

Updated on April 22, 2007
R.A. asks from Boise, ID
4 answers

Strange request, I know. My mother passed to me her legacy of sewing and i just got a sewing machine for my 27th birthday.
I am looking for some cute sewing patterns for fantasy type garb for all sizes of babies. My friend is having a baby shower soon and knowing her, she'd be thrilled to have a cute tunic and cloak/blanket for her coming son. I haven't sewn in quite a while, so I need a basic simple pattern that won't end up being complicated for the baby to wear. I've been kicking around ideas in my head but nothing has come to mind that I really like.

I've been searching online for baby patterns, even for a onesie that I could modify, but its been a fruitless and frustrating search. I'd rather download than have a pattern shipped to me.

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answers from Omaha on

I sew all the time. You know what the best thing I have for a suggestion is that Hancock fabric, Joannes, and Hobby Lobby in my area constantly have 99 cent pattern sales. Usually just McCall's, Simplicity, sometimes even vogue though. That is how and where I get most all my patterns. I have some cute ones for babies that I got when my little ones were infants. Everything from blankets to outfits. Might want to try that. All of them have online flyers to check and see when they have this sale. I know JoAnnes has 99 cent ones tomorrow still for there daffodil days. Think it is just McCalls ones though.



answers from Great Falls on

Boy, that's a toughy. I would look at fantasy costumes. Walmart has some great flannel material and lots of patterns. What kind of fantacy does she like?
Good luck.



answers from Denver on

I am short of time right now, but I use a bit of a couple of different patterns and put them together. Try purchasing a Christening pattern, and perhaps adding a "colar" to the blanket. More ideas to come. But I have found an old world fell in European patterns. HAVE FUN.



answers from Omaha on

Hi R.!
Have you tried your local Walmart? I, too, sew and have found the patterns I need there. Everything from very simple to kinda hard! LOL! Where I live, selection is very limited without going to the city. And Walmart has a wide variety. Sleeping sacks, the jammies that are like a gown with an opening of some kind at the bottom, are pretty easy to make. Just an idea. Here's to ya! Homemade gifts are the best!

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