Looking for Baby Doll Diaper Crochet Pattern

Updated on January 30, 2012
P.R. asks from Waco, MO
6 answers

I am looking for a baby doll diaper crochet pattern. My daughter wants diapers for her baby doll and I don't want to spend money on baby doll diapers. I haven't found any patterns on the internet so far. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your response. Especially Elizabeth. I believe the bikini pattern will work for diapers and I know my daughter will love having her baby in a bikini too. LOL

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answers from Joplin on

I don't have an answer on the crocher pattern, but I started buying my daughter the cheapest real diapers I could find. There lot's cheaper than the doll ones. Hope that might help.



answers from St. Louis on

Hi P., I don't know about a crochet pattern but last year I found plastic doll diapers with snaps at Kmart for about $2 or $3 dollar for 2. Good luck J.



answers from Topeka on

I would try Joann's or Hobby Lobby



answers from Springfield on

I didn't find a diaper pattern, but maybe the bottom of this bikini pattern would work.
Amazing stuff, these crochet patterns!



answers from Kansas City on

First of all how big is the baby doll you are making the diapers for? That makes a difference. I know I was having the same problem finding a diaper design on the internet that I could understand...and that would fit the style of doll I had. Well needless to say I didn't find a diaper so I designed one myself by drawing the dolls form from her belly down around her buttocks and down her legs. Then I measured how many inches the belly was around, the belly button was to the crotch and from the center of the back to the bottom of the buttocks. The doll that I have is stuffed and the initial body and torso area and buttocks are very well rounded so I needed that extra fullness in the diaper as well. It's not perfect but I did succeed in making a pretty well shaped diaper with buttons that is passable but that is not hard to make. Altho I'm sure that's what everyone thinks who designs something. I kept that in mind because I get so frustrated when I make someone elses patterns and they say it's easy and I cannot decipher it for anything. Sometimes it's just easier to design your own. Have you considered that? Because a lot of times someone elses design will not fit your doll. I would be glad to share my pattern with you but I could not guarantee that my pattern would fit your particular doll since I designed it for mine.



answers from Wichita on

hey instead of crochet patterns find someone with a new born, they always have extra diapers & they work great. You can also take one & make your own pattern for a crochet diaper jsut follow the curves of the diaper & add velcro.

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