Looking for Anything from the 80'S for Party Favors and decorations-CHEAP!!! :-)

Updated on April 08, 2008
A. asks from Justin, TX
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Hey everybody...I'm having an 80's party for a Girls Night In at my house for all my girlfriends, and I really want it to be "awesome"!!! Problem i am having is finding anything for decorating. Ebay sellers want like $10 per movie poster plus shipping (out of my budget)and I've browsed several thrift stores and Goodwill and just can't seem to find anything! I also need ideas on what/where to get some fun goodies for prizes (just for fun). We're playing different games and I think it's always fun for everybody to win something...even if it's dorky! :-) Any suggestions or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a million! A.

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US Toy Co on Parker and Independence has tons of slap bracelets, neon shoe laces, Madonna bracelets, etc. A lot of their stuff is geared toward kids, but not all of it!

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If you can find some old 80's records, you can make bowls out of them. Here are the instructions: www.thriftyfun.com/tf895928.tip.html.

You can use them as candy dishes or for "serving" food (use another bowl to actually hold the food, as these are not food safe) and as favors (small records).

I think it would be fun for everyone to dress up 80's but then come to the party and do your hair and make-up together. Be sure to have LOTS of HAIRSPRAY. LOL You can find those banana clips at the thrift shops galore. lol

You could also get old VHS tapes of 80's movies as prizes. Or what about one of those old GIGANTIC cell phones? I've seen those plenty at the thrift shops. Maybe even a pair of 80's sunglasses or two, jewelry, or an 80's t-shirt from the thrift shop. You might even think about making CDs of great 80's music you've burned.

As far as decorations go, can you find the old 80's LPs? If so, you can place a bunch of them in a square to make a "poster" of them.

If you can get everyone to send you a photo of them from the 80's, that would be a fun game and decorations, too. Number them, and have everyone guess who is who by writing them down on a sheet of paper. Have them place their answers with their name on the paper. The one with the most correct answers, wins a prize.

Another game (if you still need ideas) could be to list as many 80's phrases as you can within 1 minute, such as: grody, gag me with a spoon, etc. You could also change this to name as many t.v. shows as possible.



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For party favors...check out Sam Moon?! Since it's all girls, you could do bangle bracelets, dangly earrings and lucky for you, the super ugly metallic purse look is back! It'd be cool if you could find banana clips for hair, or the clips that they used to have to 'tie' your t-shirt on the side. (Remember those?!) Jordache purses were cool too...once! Also, look for tapes. You can get them cheap I'm sure and it would be cool if you could find different ones. (Think Guitar Hero, for inspiration!) For decorating, try blacklights (Spencer's) and neon. Check out Party City. They have some stuff too (believe it or not!). Have a great time!!!



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I have found good stuff on Ebay for parties

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www.orientaltrading.com but check for lead content.

Also Freecycle.org can be a great resource and keeps stuff out of our landfills.



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Have you tried the Dollar store? They have cheap gifts for favors and decorating. We use Dollar Tree, however there are many different Dollar Stores. Big Lots has quite a bit, I would check there.

I would also try the craft stores like Mardel, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. You could even make some of your supplies. I would ask some of the clerks there, some of them might be creative and could help you. There are books that might have some ideas on different decorations and favors.

You could send an email out to your friends and family to see if anyone has any items from the 80's-posters, decorations,etc.. You could ask to borrow them and then give it back to them.

I would call the thrift stores, resale shops instead of going to each of them. You could call and ask if they have anything decorations or posters or anything from the 80's. Then if they have something, then you could go and check it out. You might even try some garage sales or estate sale and look in the paper where they advertise it. The paper would be great to look and see what is for sale in garage sales, estate sales and for sale section. If you have time, you may want to put an ad in the paper saying you are wanting to buy decorations from the 80's. Maybe somebody might respond to you. Hope this helps, C.



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I threw a 70's party and printed out trivia papers for each guest with fun questions. whomever answered the most got a funky prize from the 70's. I also printed out the names of famous people from that era and pinned them to the guest back as they arrived. they needed to guess who there were by asking questions to other guests. It was a big hit. as far as gifts, you could give cheap dangle braclets, legwarmers, banana clips or woven friendship bracellets. I would look at the dollar store. I would print out my own small posters from pictures online and make a huge collage of 80s things. Maybe stick one sequined glove (M Jackson)on the wall with a blonde wig (madonna)an old van shoe from goodwill,stick up some homemade signs on the walls with 80s slang along with the printed posters and memorobillia. Maybe sayings like, "Barf me out" , Stelllar, spaz, to the max, gag me with a spoon ect..

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