Looking for Anyone Who Has Tried "Alli"

Updated on June 23, 2008
M.M. asks from Torrington, CT
8 answers

I was wondering if anyone has tried the diet plan - Alli - and what the results were. Thanks in advance. M.

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answers from Boston on

Sorry M., but I've never tried Alli and would be unlikely to do so after reading up on it!
Although, Alli is FDA approved, there are plenty of other diet aids that are also "approved." GlaxoSmithKline spent millions getting the ingredient in Alli approved. That ingredient is Orlistat and it has some VERY unpleasant side effects, like incontinance, gas and oily anal excretions! Alli prevents absorbstion of almost any fat, which sounds great, but your friends might never speak to you again.
Take a look at a humorous but factual website: http://www.thewvsr.com/alli.htm



answers from Boston on

my father-in-law is a doctor and he feels that of all the options out there, this is a good "boost" but will stand by the tried and true advice of "diet and exercise". He's on the bandwagon that is now saying that diets don't work. Restricting what you eat isn't the key, it's when and how much. Don't eat unless you're hungry and when you do eat pay attention so that you know when you are full. It seems to be the trend developing now. He does mention that alli works and his girlfriend is currently using it. I guess that's a fairly good endorsement. I'm interested to see the other responses.



answers from Boston on

I haven't used Alli, but have heard awful things about it from others. People who ended up pooping themselves because they couldn't get to the toilet quick enough. Yikes. I take a similiar Fat Absorption Suppelment but its all natural and has NO side effects, ever. I have lot over 40 lbs using this supplement in about 3 months. I, personally, think natural is the way to go. I've never had any prblems, nor do I know anyone who has ever had problems (and I work with clients of a Spa who all use these products and have never had any issues). When it comes to anything the FDA spits out... its all about money in the end for them. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

Friend of mine is a PhD in pharmacology. He HIGHLY discourages this product. That's enough for me.



answers from Boston on

I tried it and it was gross. I'm gonna try not to be to nasty, but there was oily stools and oily farts too. I followed it to the tee. I had to wear a pad. Hope this helps and sorry for being so graphic.



answers from Portland on

Havnt personaly tried it but my best friend did. Antime you eat anything with fat or sugar it goes right through you. As in if your not right next to a toliet you're in trouble!!!
I would stick with the tried and true basics of diet and exercise!



answers from Boston on


After my son was born (I gained 45 pounds) I was desperate to lose weight. I have been proportional my whole life and have never really had to diet for long periods of time, but my immediate family has always struggled with lots of weight so I've felt their burden. Suddenly I was in their shoes when 8 weeks after my son was born, I stopped slowly losing the baby weight and started gaining again! I made a New Year's resolution to join Weight Watchters and attended my first meeting the Thursday following the turning of the New Year.

To put things in perspective as to how badly I was looking and feeling, I was still wearing my large maternity clothes and while I was a gym rat before and during my pregnancy, I refused to go back since I looked just as pregnant as when I left (and remember, that was 45 pounds in addition to my normal size). I was embarrassed to leave the house and started getting so depressed my husband was seriously concerned.

When I joined Weight Watchers, my sister in law did as well ~ and she opted to try Alli at the same time. I was still breast feeding and was jealous of her option, but what could I do? A week later she'd dropped 6 pounds and I'd lost 3; three weeks into the program I was down 9 pounds from my starting weight and she was up one! She soon gave up both the Alli and WW while I continued with the WW.

I am proud to admit that I have lost *sixty* pounds with Weight Watchers, and I have honestly never looked or, most importantly, FELT better. Their flex plan is so easy to follow, the comraderie and ideas you get from weekly meetings is motivating, and while you are definitely hungry at first while adjusting to their plan, it's absolutely do-able and the results are amazing. It's the best money I ever spent and I say a silent thank you to them whenever I shop for new clothes as I always grab sizes too big for me and have to make several trips back to find the right size.

I am someone who LOVES food, chocolate mostly, and have never known how to deprive myself of anything ~ thus my resolve with diets has never worked. I have to say that WW made it so much easier, allowed me to have the things I wanted (within reason) and splurge when I wanted to, and was easy to "hide" from my friends when I didn't want to admit I was trying it as I didn't want an audience if I failed. Not only am I as thin as I was in high school, my sister has dropped over 100 pounds the same way and looks better than she did at 18 :) Try it, all you have to lose is weight :)

Hugs and good luck,

p.s. The other great thing about WW is that it is that it's a life change ~ I met my goal weight loss several months ago but have managed to maintain it with making better choices with what I eat. While I still have sporadic, celebratory days like yesterday that I call myself "eating disorder L." (or "falling off the wagon" where I go whole hog and eat exactly what I want without portion control, point counting, or guilt), the next day I am back on the program and feel content that I overdid it but proud that I'm "detoxing" by eating healthily the next day ~ and the word "starving" is not part of my vocabulary as it would have been previous to joining WW...



answers from Hartford on

Hi M. - I have used Alli along with weight watchers and it does work for me! I lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks - I have not taken it every meal NOR have I followed the Alli plan though. Their plan lets you eat way to much food and fat (I dont think I would ever lose weight!) SO, I used weight watcher points which always works well for me, and only took an Alli if my meal had more than 8 grams of fat. I NEVER had side effects at all unless my meal was over 20 g of fat. If I do go over this (like have a hamburger at a cookout - which is about 25 g), I will have a bit of a potty issue, but nothing major - it doesnt hit til about 24 hrs later and then i just go to the bathroom and go... its not really a big deal. IF you eat more than 18-20 g of fat with an ALLI you will have unpleasant side effects, BUT if you can control your fat intake Alli is great - it blocks a good chunk of it which does help. My sister is a gen. doc. and she said Alli is the only diet pill she recommends and it is really safe. I probably take about 6 pills a week b/c on weight watchers my fat grams per meal are usually low which would be a waste of a pill. But, I havent had any problems and am losing! Good luck - let me know what you think - J. please email if you have any more ?s

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