Looking for an ODS Pediatric or Family Dentist in E. Portland Area

Updated on April 01, 2009
M.P. asks from Portland, OR
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My grandson now has ODS dental coverage. My daughter wants to have one dentist for entire family even tho my grandson is the only one covered by ODS dental insurance. Can anyone recommend a dentist, preferably on the east side east to 181st. We'd like any recommendation even if it is outside those perameters but still on east side or downtown/NW.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, everyone, for the suggestions. My grandson has an appointment this week with Laurelwood Dental because this is close to my house. We'll be able to walk to his appointments. I took my grandson to Laurelwood Dental and am very pleased with the way that they took care of him. The office is relaxed and the staff knew how to help my grandson to be comfortable.

They referred him next door to the Pediatric Dental Clinic. Although Chase was calm and co-operative with Dr. Rice or Hill (don't remember which one) he was anxious and difficult at the Pediatric Clinic, That dentist said she'd only do the work under anesthesia which wouldn't be covered by insurance in my grandson's case. (he has medical coverage with a different provider).

I thought that the Pediatric Clinic was not helpful with Chase's anxiety. The Wildwood Clinic was great! If Chase hadn't had complicated needs we would have continued going there. We went to Dr. Stephen Pike's Pediatric Clinic in Syvan. HIs office is great with kids and he's able to treat Chase without general anesthetic.

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My husband has ODS and the kids and I have Guardian (which has changed a few times). I have never come across an insurance carrier our dentist doesn't accept. Dr. Christine Ressler, 215 SE 102nd Ave, Ste 200, Portland, OR 97216, ###-###-####. I've been going to her for about 17 years. I stopped when she moved her office. After experiencing other dentists I decided the drive was worth it. She is great with kids. Her charges are rarely over the eligible insurance amount (the only thing over was $3.00 for flouride). She is awesome about giving me all the information necessary to make educated dental care decisions.

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We have absolutely the most wonderful dental office in existence, I think. It is Laurelwood Dental, 2824 NE Wasco, on the edge of the West Hollywood Fred Meyer parking lot. Their phone number is ###-###-####, or you can get to their web address at www.laurelwooddental.com - and either dentist, Dr. Rice or Dr. Reed, is great. We have ODS also, so I know they take it.

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We go to Micheal Royce downtown. He is a great pediatric dentist. I'm not sure about the ODS coverage but you could call their office and find out. ###-###-####.
Best wishes!

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