Looking for an OB Who Delivers at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Updated on March 22, 2009
L.M. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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Hello Everyone,

I delivered my first child at Bryn Mawr Hospital via C-section. Unfortunately, I can not stay at my midwife practice for my second child, due to the c-section outcome. We like Bryn Mawr, so I am wondering if anyone would recommend their OB who practices at Bryn Mawr -- especially if you have had success with a v-bac.

Or, if you have a really good OB who supported your v-bac efforts, regardless of hospital affiliation, I would be interested in that as well.

Thank you all for sharing!

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I justed had my 2nd child and joined the practice of Bryn Mawr Womens Health. We are new to the area and heard good things about the practice. It is all women doctors and all have a good reputation. I chose Dr. Abder as I really liked her personality. I had a 2nd c-section after discussing it with my doctor. She was open to a VBAC, but based on the history of my first delivery (where I stalled at 6 cm) she thought the same would happen again so it was safer to do a C-section again. The point is, she was open to honor my choice of delivery method, but we jointly decided to do the C again. Give them a call and maybe meet with some of the other doctors as well.

•Bryn Mawr Women's Health Associates. The address is:
919 Conestoga Road, Building 1, Suite 104
Rosemont , PA 19010
Phone: ###-###-####
FAX: ###-###-####



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I use Dr. Castelli at Bryn Mawr. He is wonderful, i have been with him since 1996. I have referred many friends and family who were also very pleased.



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Dr. Castelli is a good doctor - he knows his stuff. even though we didn't mesh well when it came to bedside manner, i would choose him in a heartbeat to deliver another child considering the comparison between my first and second child birth experiences. Dr. Hirshman, also in the same office as Castelli, saw me throughout my entire 2nd pregnancy and he was great... i wish he would've been the doc on call when i delivered my second child. (either of these two doctors would've made it a better experience i'm sure)



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I know you are looking to deliver at BM Hospital but you may want to consider calling the Midwives of Delaware County. They delivered my last two kids at DCMH and it was a great experience each time. You have many more options than you might know about right now especially at the Midwives. They work with a group of medical doctors who can be available to use in case of the need arising. The number is ###-###-####. I delivered my last two with Amy Nathans and she is a Midwife beyond compare. Make an appointment with her and she will discuss all your options, even the ones you didn't know you had. I would love to keep having kids just to stay in touch with her LOL!

Good luck and I hope you have the delivery you were hoping for.

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