Looking for an OB/GP at Good Samaritan, Puyallup

Updated on February 09, 2009
E.K. asks from Tacoma, WA
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Hi! I'm looking for an OB at Good Sam and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Dr. Nancy Grubb? I was hoping to find a doctor who did both GP and Obstetrics. Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)

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So What Happened?

Mahalo Jenni and Leslie! I was a little anxious since we're changing hospitals to be closer to family so they can lend a hand with the kids! It makes me feel much better to hear from you both! Thanks again!!!

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Dr. James Majors, he is at the womens clinic right across the street from Labor and Delivery. I loved him! Even after he had to send me to Tacoma General because of complications, he still made sure they took care of me.

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Nancy Grubb is very good as well as Dr. Terrill Utt at All Family Medicine. They use to be in the same building but now Dr. Utt (who I go to) is on Canyon Road across from Albertsons. However with Dr. Utt, he's very popular and loves to talk w/his patients, so make sure you get the early a.m. appointment LOL.

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I've never had any experience with Dr. Grubb, but if you are looking for someone who does GP and obstetrics I would highly recommend Dr. Taggart at Sound Family Medicine on South Hill. His is a GP, but does a lot of obstetrics as well. He delivers at Good Samaritan. Another good thing about him is that even though he's not a "pediatrician" he sees a TON of children. I chose to take my daughter to him over a pediatrician after she was born based off of my OB's recommendation, and am so glad I did. He can be tricky to get into, because he's so popular. We got in on a fluke with my daughter, but usually the only new patients he takes are pregnant women and the babies they deliver (as long as the mother was a patient). He has a great bedside manner, and I fully plan on having him deliver my next baby just so they can be his patient as well. Can you tell I'm a fan of Dr. Taggart? :)

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