Looking for an Infant Car Seat Cover for Graco Safeseat

Updated on July 12, 2010
J.G. asks from Bellevue, NE
5 answers

I have a Graco Safeseat that is a little over 2 years old. We are expecting our 2nd child in November and would like to purchase a cover. Has anyone purchased one and how do they work? Are they safe to use? We had a lot of problems with our canopy popping off the side constantly...Would this solve that problem?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi I used my JJ Cole Bundle Me with mine and it was super warm for my little guy. It won't help with the canopy issue you are having, but so nice not to have to bundle your little one up. I would ad an extra blanket on the really cold days (light one) but most of the time my baby would be sweating if I did that. I wished I had this with my other 2 little ones instead of a snowsuit.

You can get them at babies r us, etc but I bought mine off of ebay.

Good Luck and Congrats on your newest addition!



answers from Toledo on

Are you talking about the covers that go over the seat in place of a snowsuit? If that is the case, I used 2 of them for 2 different Graco infant seats. I used the same cover, only in different colors. I bought them from Walmart for under $20. It simply went over the edges of the seat after the baby was already buckled in. I always threw a light blanket in too just to make myself feel better, but I don't think it was really needed. I did have trouble with the canopy popping off on both of my seats, and I just ended up taking it off alltogether.



answers from Dallas on

I've never purchased one myself, but do know you can purchase one on www.etsy.com just search for carseat cover. There is usually a description telling you how to use it with the listings.



answers from Seattle on

The only safe cover to use is one directly from Graco for your model of seat. Give them a call or check their website.

There are lots of cute ones out there, but they have not been crash tested with your seat, so they are not safe to use.




answers from Duluth on

yeah, those covers work great. some have zippers so that you can leave the cover on and open the cover up. the thing about babies is that you should NEVER put a baby in a car seat in their snowsuit or coat. these covers give you the ability to put baby in there and protect them from the weather. you can cover a buckled baby with blankets and this cover and they will be protected from the winter wind.

i HIGHLY recommend buying one of these. these covers are one of the ONLY things that car seat clinics support or encourage people to purchase as extras to the car seats.
heres a link to one of the better designs. there are some that act like a blanket too and go under and over baby, those again would not be safe.


and remember; even if you have had a kid before, car seat laws change, and we forget the little details. to be sure that you are buckling your child into the car properly and tightly, make sure to find and go to a car seat clinic. call your local or nearby fire department; they usually offer the classes. for example; the recommendation is to keep kids REAR facing for as long as possible. for larger, taller babies the britax brand is very good.

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