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Updated on June 01, 2008
B.H. asks from Largo, FL
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My husband had a torn meniscus and thought he was going in for a procedure to trim the tear...well, the dr. ended up repairing it and due to the miscommunication between the dr and us, we had no idea until a day after the procedure what was even done and this was after my husband had been walking on his leg. Two months later, it appears that the repair did not take and he will have to go and have the tear trimmed. Problem is that he does not want to return to the dr who did his surgery. Can anyone recommend a good orthopedic surgeon and do you know if another dr. would even take him on as a new patient??? I used to think that people were more than welcome to get a second opinion or switch dr's but when I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and was being pushed to have surgery, I called two obgyn offices to get a second opinion and they said they would not see me for "liability" reasons and I had to stick with the diagnosing dr. Wondering if we'll be stuck in the same situation...

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Dr. Brian Maiocco in Palm Harbor. Not sure of their policies but he's supposed to be fantastic. Good luck!!



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I was seeing Dr Horan @ Westchase Orthopedic, he is a GREAT Dr and actually takes time to talk with his patients. He's on Sheldson Rd by Citrus Park Mall ###-###-#### I've never heard of Dr's not seeing people for second opinion so I can't answer that question. I can tell you that I was seeing him for Carpel Tunnel and when it went beyond his scope of knowledge he was the first one to say I needed to see a hand specialist. I say give his office a call the worst they can say is No.
Good Luck!!



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I am not sure where you are located but i go see Dr Near @ Largo Medical, He is taking new patients, I had knee surgery 2 years ago from another Dr and that Dr has caused me to have problems again. Dr. Near will do everything possible to avoid surgery unless it is necessary. He is located at the Largo Diagnostic clinic off of West Bay Dr in Largo Fla. His number is ###-###-####. He got me in right away. Good luck with everything and pleaee keep us posted.



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Sang Choi, MD
Florida Sports & Orthopaedic
3890 Tampa Rd Ste 202
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Phone: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####

He is very good! I went to him about my wrist last year. I was recommended to him by another friend.



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Call Dr. Michael Smith in St. Petersburg - he is wonderful! Both myself and my mother have had Dr.Smith do procedures over the course of 20 yrs and we have been very pleased with him. I'm not sure of his office policies re: second opinions, but I think that OB's have a different stand on them due to the high rate of people suing for malpractice. I have never had a medical Dr (other than an OB - I had two high risk prenancies) refuse to see me for a second opinion.Good luck!

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