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Updated on June 09, 2007
J.N. asks from Fairborn, OH
4 answers

Hi, I am looking for a excellent accountant for great price for home and business for taxes. Anyone have any references?

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answers from Dayton on

Bruce Brenner. He is good, inexpensive and really knows home businesses. He came from a company that specialized in Mary Kay and other type businesses. We have used him for 6 years. He totally looks and acts they the typical nerdy accountant too! LOL!

He owns:
Thompson Financial Services
735 Troy St
Datyon, oh 45404




answers from Dayton on

Mark Biddinger is wonderful. I'd have to ask him if he's taking new clients though. The last time we talked he said he was full with clientèle and wasn't taking anyone new. His prices are great, his service is complete and very friendly and positive. I'll see him again on Thursday, if you haven't found someone else let me know and I'll ask him if he'd have an interest. I'm assuming this is for your personal Doula, etc businesses?



answers from Dayton on

Batelle and Batelle is great ... Good luck



answers from Dayton on

My sis n law is currently an accounting student at Sinclair. She has worked at H R block for about 3-4 years. She does taxes on the said and helps run her husband's business.

If you are interested email me. I will give you her contact info.

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