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Updated on July 27, 2006
T.L. asks from Houston, TX
4 answers

Hi, I've been searching for an affordable preschool for my 3 yr old daughter in my area but haven't found any so far. I live in the 1960/45 North area. Does anyone know of any they can recommend?


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KinderCare in the Woodlands (off Gosling Rd. and Research Forest) is $61 per week (for a 3day a week 1/2 day program). I have verified with them and they do not just have a daycare for these children...they have an actual preschool program which they have National Recognition for. Check out their website at www.kindercare.com and you can read about it. It was the cheapest I found where it was not just someone watching my child. I want her to learn and be in a clean enviroment without going broke in the process. Good luck.

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Hey Brenda,

Give us a call at" ###-###-####. Maybe we can help.






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Try Kids Kalidescope on Aldine Westfield. They are affiliated with the methodist church they are attached to, and truely are a pre-school and not just daycare.



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Hi Brenda! Have you looked into Sweetwater Christian? It's off Century Plaza across from the new China Bear between Airtex and Richey. I have my son in the daycare there. Let me know...

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