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Updated on October 01, 2008
M.M. asks from Round Rock, TX
4 answers

Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to have a mobile phone for emergency purposes only? We can't afford an expensive plan like Verizon or Sprint, but I want to have a phone with me when I am out in case of emergency.

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answers from Houston on

Check out this website: http://www.jitterbug.com/

Affordable. Service starts
at just $10 a month¹. No
long distance or roaming
fees². No contracts.



answers from San Antonio on

Cingular or what is now at&t, they have a prepaid system that you can get from walmart, you can reload with $15 its a dollar a day then i think its .10 cents a min ONLY on the days you actually use it, but you have free mobile to mobile, so if you know anyone else with these plans you would only get charged the dollar, plus if later on you can afford a plan then you can keep the same # and sim card and phone, just go in or call them and request the change, that is what me and my hubby had, and still have we just upgraded to the plans. I hope this helps you.



answers from Houston on

My husband had Trac-Phone before we were married. You simply buy minutes on a card at Wal-mart or Target. The actual phone was inexpensive as well. If your only using the phone on "absoluetly have-to basis" I would think buying 100-150 minutes would easily last you a year...

Margaret :)

P.S. AND...there is no contract to get yourself into...EASY, CHEESY!!!


answers from Austin on

I believe that as long as the phone is charged, it will connect to 911. (That's why they give out "secret" cell phones to women in abusive relationships).

You can also research the services that this company provides for around $10 per month: http://www.jitterbug.com/?utm_source=google&utm_mediu...=

Below is some info from the internet http://www.andreas.com/faq-cell911.html:

You can use a used cell phone to call 911 without paying anything at all. Cell phones are regulated by the FCC. FCC requirements state that ALL cell phones, regardless of status of service (or even the lack of service) must be able to dial 911. Whether you have a telephone number or not, whether you have signed up for service or not, your cell phone can connect to 911.

In many areas, you can place other calls as well. Test this by dialing a friend's number and see what happens. You may get an operator who will offer to place the call for you and bill your credit card. The call may cost up to $3 per minute, but that's cheaper than paying $15/month for years. You can use this if you have a flat tire and so on.

In some areas, when you press 0 (zero) or dial a number, an operator will answer and ask if you want to charge the call to your credit card. Just use your credit card to place the call. You can also have the phone reprogrammed. Reprogramming enables the cell phone to make credit card calls. Some services can reprogram phones for about $30.

Keep your emergency phone in your car under the seat or the trunk (but not in the glove compartment, where things are often stolen.) You don't need to recharge it or keep it charged. Just plug the phone into your car's cigarette lighter, turn it on, dial 911, and it will work.

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