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Updated on November 16, 2007
B.P. asks from New Fairfield, CT
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My son is 18 Months old and he was born with congenital tortocollis and positional plagiocephaly. He wore the DOC band and received phisical therapy for this condition and is 99% corrected at this point. However, we have currently noticed that he could have a lazy eye. I have made an appointment with the piatric eye doctor to have this checked out next month. My concern is that there may be more complications from the plagiocephaly that i am not aware of and need to be looking for. He had the worst case of positional plagiocephaly that the plastic surgen at Yale New Haven Hospital has ever seen. Has anyone else gone through this and if so is there anything else that i should be lookling for.

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So What Happened?

Well I know it has been a long time since I updated any of you in regaurds to my son Cole's eye issues. He started out having what they called Partially occomadative Esoptropia (this would be correctable with time) and then turned into occomadative esotropia (the bad one that is difficult to correct without sergery). We have been trying Atropine drops for his eyes for six months now and there has been little improvement. I have another visit to see Dr. Mathious in Danbury on December 14th I will know then if my son will have to go for this operation. Thank you all for your support and names of the doctors. If he thinks my son will have to have this operation I will definatley use your sorces and get a second and even a third opinion.
Thakn You all so much,
B. P

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Hi B., I just joined this site and I saw your request. I don't know too much about Lazy eye in that stage of life but my son has it, he's almost 7, the problem, when he was 4 and a half and his peditrician asked for an eye exam at the specialist, the problem didn't show up in the eye chart exam, but when he turned 6 we took him to UOC in the city and they found out about this problem-and others in his vision. I would recommend you to call them and see if they can check your son-I don't know if it's too early for that- anyways, they are wonderful proffessionals. Here is the contact info:
University Optometric Center- 33 West 42nd st., NY, NY, 10036. Tel #:
Good luck!


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I was born with Strabismus, that is a lazy eye. only in both eyes so I was legally blind. The problem was that the muscles in my eyes were too thick. I had several surgeries and wore an eye patch. Make certain when you go to the opthamologist that you have him look into Strabismus just in case it isn't related to your sons' previous health problems.



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I don't have any info on your son's congenital issues, but wanted to offer up the name and number of an OUTSTANDING Pedi-Opthomologist. It is worth the trip to Monroe (his office is very near the intersection of routes 111 and 25. His name is Dr. Steven Thornquist ###-###-####. He specializes in strabismus (lazy eye) and sees both pedi and adult patients with the condition. I can SEE with depth perception for the first time in my adult life because of him! Get several opinions. Good luck on your quest.



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Tau B.,

As a child I had a lazy eye and my parents were told to cover the good eye so that the lazy one had to work. It was'nt done for whatever reason, but now as an adult I wear glasses and in talking to my eye docter that is what wrong with one of my eyes. Unfortunatley as an adult theres nothing that I can do. Hope this helps




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I went through this as a child with both eyes and have had surgery on both eyes many times. The doctor tht you need to have your child see is an OPTHAMOLOGIST. one that does surgery or other medical proceedures. An Optimologist may not have the knowledge to catch everything. As an adult of 37 My eyes are fine unless I am tired then the lazy eye shows more prevalent. Good Luck and I hope this will help.
L. Q



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hi there
i had a problem with both my eyes since birth.
about five years back ago i had surgery.
i was going blind in my left eye it was so weak it had to be done.
there are good doctors out there.
Yale New Haven Children's hospital is the best.
A doctor named Dr Olsen did my eye surgery and she did a great doctor.
she an office here in Norwalk.
I lived with the problem for a long time.
I was just trying to help
thanks J.



answers from New York on

I had lazy eye as a child..in my left eye and with eye therapy and treatment it corrected itself. I had to wear an eye patch over my right eye to strengthen the left one - embarrassing for a little girl in nursery school, but luckily two of my best friends (to this day) had it too so we stuck together. Hang in there!

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