Looking for Advice About a Pap Smear Result

Updated on January 29, 2007
M.C. asks from Schaumburg, IL
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I had a pap smear test done a few month ago,the result was A typical cells.
They told me to have another test done in 6 month.I have waited only 3 and had another A typical test result.They told me the same thing,to wait 6 month.
My Question is,should I wait that long,or get a second opinion?? Any advice welcome.
Thank's M.

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answers from Chicago on

I just had the same thing happen but they told to wait 3 months and retest, now I'm waiting for those results.
I'd say give it three months and rebook with the dr.
Good luck on the results, apparently its common for a change after birth.

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I am 23 and have had several pap cmears come back with the same result, actually almost all of them, until recently. I had to keep going to the doctor every 6 months, but now they come back normal. I was very prone to yeast infectins, though, so my doctor said they could have gotten some of that or anything else could have caused it, I would wait the 6 months and then get another test. If it comes back the same, then talk to your doctor about what you should do next.

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My suggestion is to access your comfort level with your current care provider. A care provider should be willing to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you make informed decisions about the direction of your health care. If you have that currently and you feel confident in the communication level, then it may be in your best interest to wait and have another pap smear. However, if you don't have that or don't have your concerns addressed in a way that is suitable for you, it may be better to find a care provider you can communicate with. You are truly your own best advocate.

Here are some sites that may help explain the process and results for you.

(Warning: Very graphic!)

I hope you find peace in whatever you decide and wish you the very best.

Best regards,

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answers from Chicago on

I've had several pap tests come back atypical. Fortunately, the follow up ones were always normal. There are lots of reasons why you might get an atypical result -- bad sample, not enough specimen cells to test, too close to your period, sex the night before, etc. What seems strange to me is that you had two in a row. Maybe you might want to go a different doc for a repeat. Atypical does not mean abnormal however, so don't worry for no reason! Good luck.

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