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Updated on September 22, 2006
S.T. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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My family is considering taking a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Having never taken this kinda of get back to nature vacation I would like to hear from anyone who has gone here and what time of the year is best to go, it would have to be in the summer sometime or during spring break, however I'm thinking it would be too cold during spring break. I have never been to Montana or Wyoming before and would apprecitate any advice on where to stay, someplace not too expensive but somewhere that is moderately priced.
Thanks S.

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answers from Springfield on

When my husband and I went to Billings,Montana, we went in early June. Weather was nice then. We stopped by Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore. We went with My husbands bowling team for a National bowling tournament. The guys on his team were having a snow ball fight in 78-80 degree weather. Because of the mountains there was snow but the weather was wonderful. As for a place to stay, we stopped at places on the way to our destination. None of them were very expensive. I would do a web search for hotels. Go to Hotels.com,Expedia.com and Orbits.com, just to name a few. That should give you an idea of what hotels are available. It is gorgeous! I hope I have been of some help. Have Fun!



answers from St. Louis on

Our family went when I was a kid in August just before school started. We camped...tent, coleman stove, the whole bit. Even in August, the elevation made it rather chilly at night, and we even found patches of snow in some places to play in. We camped one night in the Grand Tetons and there was an ampitheater that did a program on Grey Timber Wolves. It was awesome. I would suggest summertime because usually that is when the Naturalists are working (like the guy that gave the wolf program). If you want more of a learning experience, anyway. Here I am, 10+ years later, and I still remember that. Camping is amazingly cheap, if you can handle sleeping outdoors. Just keep your food in the car! The morning after the wolf program, a huge elk was walking around camp. Exciting. I didn't find the traffic to be a problem, but we didn't stay long in the big tourist areas (like Jackson Hole). Plus, we were there not long after the big fire, so maybe most people were staying away. Look up what you can about when the Naturalists are working and where to find them. They really are memorable and informative programs.



answers from Kansas City on

I have never been there but I have sold to hotels that are there. Stay at Best Western. Your little one stays free and they are moderately priced.

GOod Luck!



answers from Kansas City on


Yellowstone National Park is a great vacation spot. My husband and I love to go there on vacations. We have stayed in Jackson Hole and driven up from the Grand Tetons. We have also stayed in the little town of West Yellowstone on the North side of the park. There are lots of great hotel options for every imaginable price range. The real issue is when you want to go to the park. There are more hotels inside the park that are open during the high tourist season. There is a spectacular twig style Victorian hotel built about 1899 right next to Old Failthful that is only open in the summer.

The closer you get to the summer tourist season the more people crowd into the park. Summer can be a zoo, the roads are mostly two lane and just driving through the park will take you all day. Finding a parking spot to walk out to the look out points can also be a chalenge. The park in winter is completely different. We used to go snowmobiling in and around West Yellowstone in mid-February as well as through Yellowstone. The park is almost empty and while you can't hike into the back counrty easily you can get to all the same spots most of the summer crowd gets to see.

Having seen the park in the summer and winter I can honestly say no matter when you go it is worth the trip. However, I have to admit my favorite season is winter. All the boiling mud and water creates massive collumns of seam. The animals move onto the roads to move around so you can come around a corner and suddenly be surrounded by a herd of buffalo. The elk come down from the mountains, there are geese, and swans on the Fire River. The entire park feels like you just stepped into a crystaline fairy tale.

My best piece of advice is to buy a National Parks Pass if you do not already have one. They are $50 for the year and you get access to All the National parks. Addmition runs about $25 dollars per car so all it takes is a visit to three parks and the pass has paid for itself. If you have any other questions you can email me at ____@____.com

Have fun!

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