Looking for a Work from Home Program That Is Legit

Updated on March 04, 2010
S.I. asks from Gary, IN
7 answers

I am looking for a data entry position that I can do from home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Chicago on

I have personally worked for www.teletech.com and www.westathome.com. The pay isn't the greatest but it brings in extra and gives you something to do. I have recently applied for www.arise.com but have not done any work for them as of yet. Sometiems the work is longterm projects or short term. I also do merchandising work that is flexible as well. Check out www.narms.com
Take care and all the best

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As far as I know, there aren't many legit jobs to be found online, if any. As far as a home-based business, CEO Moms is great. I've been with them since last year and have absolutely nothing negative to say about the experience. www.HelpFromHome.com for info.

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Try Work at Home Mom website:


www.ifreelance.com or www.elance.com

I think this one you bid on jobs from employers. I think it is a little work to get started but once you start working for somebody it can be consistent work. This program is legit, but sometimes with these types you have access to a limited number for no charge, but for a fee you can have access to more. I would try it for free first and see how it goes.

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I am sure others have given you good tips, but try www.frugalmom.net. She has a lot of good places to try. I checked some of them out and they are legit. Please remember that if it seems to good to be true....it always is. Good luck in your search.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,

My business, which was started by myself and another sahm, uses stay-at-home moms to do data entry from home. Where do you live? We can only consider people who are quick learners, fast typists and very very comfortable with the internet. Email me back privately and we can explore this further.


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Dear Saidi,

I really enjoy my stay at home "job". It is a company that is on the business of helping people feel better and I make a real nice living at this. If you are interested let me know and I can get you so information. E-mail me at [email protected]____.com the training is done on the web. I would be happy to send you web sites.

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answers from Dallas on

Not sure if you have found anything that has worked for you, but Work at Home United provides you an opportunity to earn supplemental or replacement income (and it is residual as well!!) while working from home....NO selling, NO stocking, NO shipping, and NO parties. No cold calls and there is no financial investment like most other work from home opportunities and is 100% risk free! This is NOT like Mary Kay or Avon and IS NOT MLM!!! We are a Consumer Direct Marketing company where we set up accounts for customers and Melaleuca pays us do so. We have been around since 1985, won numerous awards, is very prosperous and growing daily and it is BACKED by the BBB!! You will receive a FREE website and FREE training!
Visit www.WorkAtHomeUnited.com/H. to request information if you would like to learn more or give me a call at ###-###-#### to schedule an overview call so you can get all the info up front to decide if this will be a good fit for you.

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