Looking for a Tutor for My 17Yr Old

Updated on December 20, 2008
C.R. asks from Garden Grove, CA
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I wanted to see if anyone can help me find a tutor for my 17yr old....she is slow on some of the subjects like History and English...but I can't afford to really pay that much for one....hope to hear from someone soon

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So What Happened?

So here is what ended up happening!!! I called the teacher and had a meeting with 2 of them....we are not keeping in touch thru emails...htey also gave me the websites where I can see what they are on or what they are learning...her dad has been helping her out a lot and she is understanding more and more. Also she knows that her teachers are there for her and she is doing much better. the school never got back to me if they have tutoring programs...but right now...things are working out so far!!! thank you Jesus:) thanks for all your advices:)

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Hi C.:

You're best bet would be to check with the school first. I know that many middle and high schools have college kids around to tutor the younger kids for free. (They get college credit for this so it's a win-win situation). Believe me, it's in the best interest of the school district to have as many kids do well as possible so if they don't have the college tutors available, many teachers will volunteer to assist as well. (Many teachers offer assistance during their "off" periods or during lunch and after school, as well. An added bonus is that if they are your child's teacher - they cannot charge you for the extra assistance). Good luck to you and your child!

God bless,




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Have you asked for some help through the school? Usually in High School they have peer mediators as well as peer tutors. It's free.



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C. has she always been slow in math & english ? anny other subjects is she also struggling with.. have her eyes tested, and reading tested first, then speak to the teacher about modifing the classes thorugh special education, you have to ask for an I.E.P indivual education program. This will help her, also on one of the cable channels they have a home work tutor, they also have home work hotline, check her school web pages they have resources



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Try care.com. They have tutors, babysitters, and other careproviders.

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