Looking for a Support Group to Talk About Axnxiety and Panic Attacks

Updated on July 05, 2008
H.W. asks from Houston, TX
4 answers

I am looking for a support group to talk about Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

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I Googled the question, "Where are anxiety support groups in Houston" and this is only part of what came up.
www.211.org (anxiety support groups)
http://www.healsocialanxiety.com/ (free conference call-type support and face-to-face groups)
At first, you may want to try an anonymous, conference-style support if going out of the house is too anxiety-producing. If that's not an issue, check for a group near you.
Happy Independence Day!

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Hi H.,

Did the anxiety attacks start around the time of any pregnancy or birth? I know I got more anxious anyway at those times, but my friend had serious anxiety and panic attacks. She tried meds and other things . . . they finally realized she had a huge cyst on her ovaries. That wasn't her first ovary cyst. After removing three cysts over a couple years, a knowledgable doctor thought her "ovary problem" was causing the anxiety (the ovary, hormones, etc. creating the cysts affected her anxiety). She had the ovary taken out and has felt terrific (her normal self) after years of dealing with severe anxiety and many cysts! Maybe there is something like that going on that you could look into and if so, it would be nice to take care of it instead of just treat it. It might not be the case, but I would have never considered it.

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Look up the Lucinda Bassett site for Depression and Anxiety, their tapes and videos helped me and now I rarely have an attack!! Thank God my husband took the initiative and signed me up!

Good luck!



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If you find something, please post it. I started having dizzy spells a couple years ago. It esculated to tingling in arms and legs and not being able to breath. I have been to the emergency room twice and was told it was vertigo. Was put on medication for attacks that when I take it, it knocks me out. Then I was sent to a balance disorder specialist and Ear, Nose, throat doctor. Which both found no issues. I have had an MRI and CatScan too. Another Dr. said it was allergies and another put me on zoloft (anti-depresent that upsets my stomach and zones me out). I started paying attention to when the signs started and it is during stressful times, but nothing I could not handle in the past. I start breathing exercises or take the knock out medicine when I feel one coming on. I am scared to deal with anything other than work right now because I am a single mom and I can not afford to be without a job.
I work out 4 times a week and meditate, don't drink caffeine and try to get 8 hours sleep. It is crazy!
So, please know that you are not alone and let us know what you find.
Hang in there!

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