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Updated on February 16, 2007
Y.F. asks from Lake Villa, IL
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Hello! My due date for my 3rd boy is April 9th. It is approaching faster than I ever thought........Man do my boys at home make time fly :-) I'm looking for a stroller that will hold an infant carrier and my 3 1/2 year toddler. I'm not very fond of a double stroller, they seem to be too bulky. Anyway, I have been researching on line and have also looked on Babies R' Us, Target, etc. to see what is offered. I have found a Stand-On made by Joovy (approx $150) but I don't know if it will only hold their own or certain brands of infant carriers. I currently have an Evenflo from my last child
(3 1/2yrs old) that is in perfect condition. Do you think it's safe to reuse? If it isn't safe or not compatible, I will purchase another infant carrier.

Thank you in advance for your help! Y.

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I have 2 daughters, 22 months apart. My oldest is 2 yr. and my youngest is 5 months. I bought my Sit-N-Stand from Target ($119) it's made by Baby Trend and I absolutely love it and so does my toddler. The only thing that I think could be better about it is the basket underneath...it's very difficult to get to. But what I do is, if I need "stuff" I just attach my diaper bag (it has clasps) onto the handle bar, or you can get one of those stroller attachment organizer things to attach to it. Anyway, so far it's been great for us...no problems at all and worth the $120. Good Luck!

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I've got about the same age gap between my kids (My son turns four in May and my daughter turns one in March) and I love the Sit 'n Stand. I picked mine up at Target, where I was able to get one down off the display and look at it first. I like that it folds down flat enough to fit in my somewhat small trunk and still leaves some room left for groceries! It's also reasonably lightweight and decently maneuverable, although the wheels are not designed for off-roading, per se, so I tend to stick to the sidewalk.

I had a Graco carrier from my son that I used again with my daughter as I knew it hadn't been in any accidents and was still in great shape. I set the Sit 'n Stand up in the setup they gave for Graco and it fit just fine. The instructions are a bit confusing - go with common sense as you set up the carrier bar and you'll probably get it right the first or second try though. The carrier clicks onto the crossbar and the other end rests into the seat.

My son loves sitting in the back, facing me. With the carrier in place, the basket underneath is a bit awkward to use until you realize you can snap and unsnap the sides to get at your stuff. Overall, I've found it's the best stroller available for those on a budget.

A friend of mine has this gorgeous side-by-side umbrella stroller she uses with her twins that she swears by - it has harness straps to keep infants in, and is big enough for her 3-year-old too, maneuvers like a dream and has decent enough wheels to offroad. However, it was something like $700 to buy!

Hope that helps!



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I used the same infant carrier for both my kids. I had it safty checked and nothing was wrong with it. I didn't, at the time, have enough money or the inclination to buy another one since that one was still good. There was no point. It was checked and everything was fine. I just did the check for precautionary measures.



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When I was looking, for a stroller with a carrier and the stand on seat, I couldn't find anything that would hold an infant carrier. It may be a safety issue, when the older child can undo the carrier in some way??

I know it is hard juggling, I have 3 children of my own. For me I ended up getting the double stroller, I just kept trying them out until I found one I liked. Also, I personally used the baby carrier/sling thing everywhere except for when my youngest was sleeping.



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You can use the infant carrier as long as it still works and hasn't been in a car accident. As for the stroller they have a few different types of sit and stands. I would look on Craigslist,Ebay,go to stores to check out what you like and don't like and look online. I had the Right Start sit and stand stroller and I really liked it.



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The best $120 I spent on my 4 year old this year. It is so practical for me because when we are walking around the neighborhood he rides his bike. This we use for the mall, zoo, downtown or other special outings. It is wonderful and I highly recommend not only the product but the website it was so fast and easy. I am going to stop because you will probably think that I work for Bibi or strollers.com

Please visit this website and check the Bibi Swiss Stroller rider out! Copy and Paste.




answers from Portland on

I have noticed that on the One Step Ahead website, they have a Sit and Stand Stroller for $149.95. They say to visit their website to see if the carseat you have works with the stroller. I buy from this company a lot, and am always very pleased with their products. The webite is www.onestepahead.com and the product number is #13501. Good luck!



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I just purchased the Joovy for my 2.5 yr old and newborn due in July because it had great reviews. Haven't used it with the infant seat, but it has a universal infant seat attachment system, so should work with any carrier.

What I read about car seat life is that there should be a date on your seat saying how long you can use it, like an expiration date, (I haven't looked on my own) but most are a 6 year life span since after that plastic can degrade and become unsafe.

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