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Updated on March 12, 2009
L.F. asks from Lake Worth, FL
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Hi moms, once again I come to you for help. I am planning ahead and looking for a SPA RESORT for "ME" & "me alone" to go for a weekend!! Every year my husband and kids have a hard time giving me a mother's day gift so I thought I would look for what I REALLY would like to tell them ahead of time...lol. What I would LOVE more than anything in the world is a weekend (or even one night) away, where I can sleep through the whole night without having to wake up at 5-6am. Where I will not have to wash ANY dishes, or do ANYTHING. Just a peaceful, relaxing place to do nothing but be spoilt. I would love to just sleep, relax and get pampered.

I researched a few places close by (as I do not want to have to travel far - more $$$) and most only do hour specials. The"Breakers" offers a great day spa but VERY expensive (over $1,000.00).

So this is what I am looking for, a CHEAP, hotel SPA, that will have at least ONE meal included and offers massages & hopefully a pedicure in the package. Most likely I will not be able to afford a weekend far less get away for a weekend..lol, so maybe just one night.

I am a mom of 4 children, and have NEVER had a vacation alone with my husband or EVER by myself. Right now I am really in the need for some "me" time. My oldest is 16 and my youngest is 2 and I have been doing the baby thing for years ........lol. I am so tired these days and I spend 24/7 with my kids. My husband does not and never has helped much the kids or around the house. Let's just say, I really need a break.

So any help or advice on where to go I would appreciate. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to tell all the 3 moms you responded; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What wonderful ideas!!! I am checking them all out and will update which one I decided to do; how much it cost; and what it included. So if any other moms want to do the same thing. Thanks again; this website ROCKS!!!!

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Hi Lisa! Boy...you sure deserve some "me" time. I know, it is so hard to take that special time. I have a recommendation. I wouldn't call the resort "cheap", but it is not insane. My husband and I love a place called Grove Isle. It is in Coconut Grove, down in Miami. He actually proposed to me there. It is a very pretty property. It is a little island, with only the resort, and 3 condos and a marina on it. It is ON the intercoastal. When I say on, I mean dip your toes on. It is so peaceful to relax in their pool, while watching the water and boats go by. They do have a nice spa there too, called SpaTerre. Here is the link to their website http://www.groveisle.com/groveisle_home.aspx . They have a really nice restaurant there, called Baleen, which is also right on the intercoastal. If you wanted to dine there, request one of the two tops right on the water, and time it for sunset. When it gets dark, they light up tiki torches. Every time we go, we feel really rested. The rooms are super pretty, with nice balconies overlooking the water. It is the kind of place where you are just content sitting in your room. We went for our "babymoon" with our first pregnancy. We are now expecting #2, and I imagine we will go back. Oh, there is also a nice walking path around the little island, and one side is a marina..so you see all the pretty boats. There are benches along the paths, and hammocks over beach sand near the pool. And if you only stay one night, and have to check out, you are right at coconut grove. You could treat yourself to lunch there, and some window shopping! If I were you, and you were interested, I would call them, and ask if they do a FL resident rate..and even explain what you are looking for. People love to do nice things for others....if you get the right person on the phone, maybe they will give you a little bonus or something. And in the future...when you are ready to take a longer "me" time, may I suggest Sedona AZ. It is my favorite relaxation place on earth. I stay at "the Lodge at Sedona", and it is the most mystical and beautiful place!!! Good luck!
A. C. :)

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Hi Lisa ... this is something I haven't done yet ... but have always wanted to. .... they have what they call a "Girls just want to have fun" package at the Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa. I looked and the cost is the same for one or two people so having a mom or sister go cuts the price for you in half. I know you were looking for single package deal ... and im sure you could call and see what they had. This is a quick copy and paste from their web site about the package .... Includes a Room or Suite Accommodation, Sinclairs Breakfast for Two, and a Choice of Two 50-Minute Signature Spa Treatments, Double Beach Chair Setup with Umbrella and Welcome Cocktail! CONFIRMATION OF SPA TREATMENT IS REQUIRED ###-###-####. If this works out let me know please how it was http://www.jupiterbeachresort.com/index.cfm

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PGA National Resort & Spa!!!! The Pools of the World and massages are incredible! Not sure of pricing to be honest but I know the spa is phenomenal and what every mom needs!

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I dont know of any spa that's cheap, especially one that has overnight packages. PGA is a phenomenal spa, but they arent cheap. You can try the Chesterfield in Palm Beach, they have alot of package deals. Also, try a little bit further south. Any large resort hotel has spa packages today. Unfortunately, you are looking for cheap at the wrong time. This is season, so you arent likely to find any great deals. Try booking for September to get a better deal. Also,try the Sundee House in Delray. They have great little bungalows and you can have breakfast at a private table out in the garden. It is very nice. Good luck.



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My sister and I have been escaping to the Hyatt Regency Bonaventure in Weston for years...they treat us like queens (why can't we get that at home?). it is on a very lush and spacious grounds which is awesome for quiet walks. Best part - they have an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa (http://www.reddoorspas.com)there and it believe it is more affordable than the Breakers/PGA National. I actually have had better treatments there than the breakers. They have a private and quiet pool for spa guests only and serve spa lunch poolside.

enjoy! you deserve it!

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