Looking for a Recommendation of a Locksmith in the Greenwood Area

Updated on July 27, 2006
K.N. asks from Greenwood, IN
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I just closed on my condo today. And I would like to have the deadbolts rekeyed for my own piece of mind. (After February, Chelsey can stay at the house by herself, if she can show me she's responsible enough to do so. :-) But I would just like to know no one else has a set of my keyes. So if someone could be kind enough to tell me of someone in the area that I can trust and hopefully won't cost me a small fortune to do so. But I definitely would like to do it as soon as possible as my daughter is coming here in almost 2 weeks and I want things to be ready for her.

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Congratulations on closing on your condo. I have only had Bob's recommeded to me. This place seems to be the only place that carries the type of key we need copies of. I have not been there yet. They are S of 465 on Madison, N of Greenwood. Hope all goes smoothly for you.
Bob's Master Safe & Lock Service Inc - West Indianapolis
5631 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201

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I also recommend Bob's (as Lesley has below). They have been around for a long time, and once was able to make and ignition key for my car from a key that had broken in half! Impressive!

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Hope all is going well. I can recommend Case Handyman services. Go to Lowe's and pick out your new hardware and give them a call to install for you. Lowe's might be able to recommend someone to install for you too. Case does lots of things and they helped do alot of work on our Youth building at my church and they might be good to know with your new condo needs. Persoannly speaking, new door locks don't take long to install yourself if you have a screwdriver and patience. I recently changed all of mine and they took me about 15 minutes to do on my own. Give it a try- you will be provide of the new do-it-herself you! Take care!

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