Looking for a Reasonable Caterer, Also a Baker of Cakes

Updated on April 15, 2007
J.E. asks from Buffalo, NY
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I am getting married in October, I have been searching for a reasonable caterer and cake person. No luck so far. Everything is so expensive. I have an idea fo what kind of cake, just need a baker. lol. We have been looking for a good caterer but a reasonable one as our budget is not very big right now. Any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions, we did fnally get a cake, it was so beautiful. Some might remember i had a Halloween wedding and had costumes and all. It was beautiful. again thank you and sory it took so long to get back to all of you. I didnt have internet.

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I also have had Chicken & pizza works cater many parties for us, the last being our daughters communion last April. I think the one on union rd. in cheektowaga now is actually called Torellas. That's where we ordered the communion dinner from, the price was great and the food was awesome. they have a website, with prices on it. www.torellas.com check it out. As far as wedding cakes go-my aunt has her own business out of her house. She has a whole seperate kitchen for it and everything, She been in business for about 5 maybe even more years. Her cakes are melt in your mouth! I just love them! I am not sure how much she charges, but if you like to contact her, you can use my name as a refernce. Her name is Norma Joseph, the business name is Edible Crafts and her phone number is ###-###-####. She lives in Alden,not very far in from broadway. Very easy to get to. She does deliever also. And if you wanted to do a small cakes, as the other mom mentioned, i think it's a good idea, she may even do that, give her a call. Good Luck!
My name is K.- I am her niece!



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I know the name doesn't sound glamourous, but have you tried Chicken and Pizza works? They are located on union road and I have used them to cater various parties and the food is good and I thought the price was reasonable. You can order take out from there if you wanted to try it before you decided. An idea for the cake would be to order a small wedding cake and then order large sheet cakes to be served to the guests. Wedding cakes can be expensive and you may save some money by just order sheets to be served to guests. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope you find what you are looking for.



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For bakers, I really love Vin Chet - they are on Kensington Ave. near the big intersection where Kensington, Harlem and Wehrle meet. Nancy is the cake lady over there. The cakes are awesome and reasonably priced, the service is wonderful, and seven years since our wedding my hubby and I are still talking about it. It even froze well for us to eat on our first anniversary.

Another option... A really trendy thing right now is to have fancy decorated cupcakes and use them as place settings/favors, or to have individual cakes for each table, and use them as centerpieces. Depending on how you do it, it could be very inexpensive.

Best of luck to you :D



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I don't know what area you live in, but for a reasonable caterer you may want to try chick n pizza works. they are on abbott road in south buffalo. I live in the northtowns and used them for my wedding almost 17yrs ago (they are still around) they have all kinds of food and salads and they deliver and set up too. the last i heard (about a year and a half ago) they were around $6/person. we had roasted chicken, pasta and sauce, roast beef, chef salad, mac/potato salad. also one eyed jacks in lockport has a good deal (they are barbeque) they deliver, set up and serve. their food was pretty good (it was at an outdoor wedding/reception). as far as a baker, in kenmore/town of tonawanda is sweet beginnigs bakery on deleware ave near mount saint marys high school (just south of the 290) they have good cakes and i think they may work with you as to what you want. it doesn't hurt to ask. i know what it is like to be on a tight budget for a wedding. we made our own music and used my maid of honor's stereo system to play it, we made our own boquet's and corsages. i am hearing now what people are doing for music is loading their music into ipods and playing them on the ipod receivers...good luck hope i was of some help. T. dickman ____@____.com

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