Looking for a Reading Tutor for 2Nd Grader

Updated on May 19, 2006
N. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

I am looking for a tutor to help my 2nd grader with reading. Has anyone used Slyvan or Huntington Learning Centers? Do colleges/high schools have tutors available? Any suggestions would be great.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We did use Sylvan several years ago for an older child (7th grade) and it was ok, but quite spendy. What we did last year that worked well for our younger kids was we asked their teacher if she would be willing to tutor over the summer. She was thrilled that we asked and to have a little extra money. I would ask your current teacher or a 3rd grade teacher if they, or another teacher they recommend, would be interested.



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I am a 4th grade teacher in St. Paul. I know that many teachers tutor outside of school hours, The average rate is $25. If you call the area high schools they may be able to give you the name/number of students who are willing to tutor. I know Sylvan/Huntington are very expensive but depending on the needs of your student may be what he needs. Any questions, let me know...S. mom to 3yo dd and 1 yo ds...



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HI there. I've heard Sylvan and Huntington are very spendy - should that be an issue. The highschool idea is a good one. You might try that. Good Luck!!!!!



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N. -
I am a teacher at Sylvan Learning Center in Maplewood MN (off of Beam and South Lawn Ave) and definately recommend it. Students have individualized instruction in Reading (or the subject of choice) meaning the program specifically meets the needs of the child, and the teacher is only working with 1 to 3 students at a time. As a teacher, I have seen definate progress in the students I, and other teachers at our center work with. As am mom, I would send my child there if he needed help, without a question. Please give them a call. The center director is Jenny Nicklay and her phone number is ###-###-####. I would be more than willing to answer any other questions you have. Good luck - I know that your child's education is SO important!
C. K.

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