Looking for a Quick & Easy Veggie Burger Recipe

Updated on January 28, 2009
J.D. asks from Toms River, NJ
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Hi. Does anyone have a good veggie burger recipe - One that is quick & easy to prepare and doesn't require a lot of expensive, hard to find ingredients? Nut free!!!! We love veggie burgers, but they have become SO expensive for a small box. Also, do you make them ahead and freeze them so you get the convenience of the ones you buy in the store? Thanks so much!

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I have never tried these, but here's a link to a bunch of recipes rated as the "best veggie burger recipes."


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Hi J.,
I LOVE my food processor=totally saves on chopping. I like to use mushrooms as they are "meaty" and hold up well (altho. have lots of water and shrink considerably when sauted). I begin almost everything with carrotts, celery and mushrooms in FP. saute in little bit of oil. You can add onions but may be a bit strong flavor for kids. once reduced, can add breadcrumbs (again FP or progesso), egg (holds mix together) and whatever spices you like. MY hubby likes to add tofu, but I find it comes out kinda "chunky". Have been known to sneak in peas, corn, spinach (sauted then FP) and whatever else is leftover. It never comes out the same! Good luck. PS I hate working FT too, but yeah gotta do...Keep it up supermom!

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I use leftover rice or just make rice to use. I mix the rice with mashed beans of some sort, I use whatever is on hand, and again, sometimes they are leftovers: lentils, kidney, pinto, garbanzo, whatever I have, can also used canned if desired. Mix it with chopped veggies like onions, carrots, celery ~ I lightly saute them before adding them to the mix (someone suggested using a food processor for chopping, I have a mini one I love, also have the Vidalia onion chopper that is awesome and dishwasher safe), breadcrumbs, and egg, parm cheese, sometimes shredded cheddar. Form into patties. I fry them in olive oil. Then I cool them, put wax paper in between them, and freeze them, then put them in vacuum bags to store in the freezer. They will keep about 3 or 4 months like that. To reheat, I just stick them in the toaster oven for a few minutes until heated thru. I do sometimes add nuts to mine, but the last time I made them I didn't, and they turned out great. Sorry I don't have exact measurments, I never measure when I make these.

I either eat them on a roll like a burger, or on a plate with brown mushroom gravy, like a vegetarian salisbury steak. Delish!!

I have found that altho the initial creation of these burgers is somewhat time consuming, I make a dozen or more at a time, so they make a great quick meal, and they're very filling, and full of protein and very nutritious too. Plus they are versatile because I use whatever I have on hand and put something different into them everytime! I have also made meatless loaf this way, but put in the oven instead of frying. I prefer the burgers because they are easier to store in the freezer, whereas with the loaf you pretty much have to eat it right away.

Hope that helps and have fun with it!!! People who have tried mine RAVE about them!!!

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