Looking for a Preschool in West Lakeview, Chicago

Updated on January 20, 2006
F.C. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi fellow Mammas! I have begun the tedious task of a preschool search for my daughter. I am first looking at private schools, and then had hoped to get into an area magnet school if possible. I have also seen the term "small-school" and "Charter School". My head was swimming yeterday as I researched. I was wondering if any Moms in the Chicago Lakeview area had any advice or recommendations. Maybe someone could even explain simply the differences between some of these public school offerings. Help!

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I would go on northsideparents.org and buy their school booklet. it is excellent and explains alot.



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I recommend you go to

They sell books on the Chicago schools preschool and elementary. I bought them and have found out a lot of info.
Good luck.



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Hi F.-
I'm Jen and I teach in a CPS school and live in Roscoe Village. I would love to help answer questions if you'd like....my e-mail is ____@____.com




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I am a teacher on leave to be with my little one until he is school age (he's 6 months old now). Any way, a lot of people ask me about schools. I would say that you could apply to go to the tuition based preschool at Oscar Mayer (near DePaul). I student taught there and the teachers are great. Also St. Josaphat has a preschool that seems good. There are a lot of options, but those schools are good and pretty close to Lakeview. You can always look up the Chicago Pub. Schools report cards on-line to see what the test scores and what the school is like. Good luck-I'm sure you will find a good school for your child!

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