Looking for a Preschool for 3Yo in Surprise Area

Updated on April 10, 2008
K.R. asks from El Mirage, AZ
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I have a 3yo ds that will not 4 until Xmas time. I am looking for a good, affordable preschool in the Surprise area that takes 3yo. He is almost completely daytime potty-trained so that won't be an issue. We are in the Dysart school district but I know they aren't very good and the only preschool in a school around me is for disabled children. I need some recommendations, can be in home and doesn't necessarily have to be accreditted. We have only one steady income and are looking for something very affordable. Thanks for any help!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the responses. I met Miss Rachel on Friday and we are signed up for this fall!

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My son attends the Dysart Early Childhood Education Center.

17999 West Surprise Farms Loop South
Surprise, AZ 85388

I can't say enough good things about their program. It's 150.00 a month, unless you have special needs. I wish I would have sent him last year. He has learned so much and has so much fun. They have morning or afternoon classes. The classes are run by degreed teachers and in our class she has two T.A.'s. That was important to me. I found a lot of places that called their helpers teachers...but they were day care certified only. Also, since he will be attending school in the Dysart district, I knew they would be following a learning plan that would prepare him for elementary school.

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My girls attend Miss Rachel's Preschool. Her number is ###-###-####. She is great and my kids love her. I have a 2 year old boy that will start her class in the fall too. She has more info listed on this site under Mom owned businesses. Call me if you want to talk more! ###-###-####




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I don't know how far in Surprise you are but there is a brand new(just opened up in the last 2 months/maybe less)Tutor time on Bell and Cotton. It's in the shopping center with the Walgreens...it's right across the street from Safeway...hope that helps!!



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Hi K.,

I run a preschool out of my home which is located near Reems and Waddell. I am a certified teacher but after 6 years in the public school and an adorable little boy, I decided to stay home and do what I love. My 3 year old program is on T/Th from 9:00-11:45 or 12:45-3:30 and is $110/month. Feel free to look browse my website at www.freewebs.com/missrachelspreschool. All of my contact information is on there if you would like to contact me. Good luck!



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My 3 yo will also be 4 in December. He currently goes to Radiant Kidz Zone pre-school. I can not say enough good things about it! He has grown so much in the past 3 months that he has been there! He goes Mon, Wed, Fri 8-11. They also have a Tu/Turs program and a full week program. Check out their website http://www.rkzpreschool.com/
They have many different options and their cost is great!
They also have video cameras all over the school so parents can log into their system to watch their kids at school!
Good Luck!

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