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Updated on December 29, 2006
A.G. asks from Allen, TX
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A child psychologist told me that she suspects my 3 year old daughter has ADHD. (No official testing as of yet.) Her pediatrician said he was not surprised. I have been home with her so far, but the cp suggested that enrolling her in a short, 2 day a week program next fall would be beneficial to her, that we slowly adjust her to kindergarten over the next few years.

I am looking for a 2 day a week program in/near Allen that would be sensitive to her possible ADHD needs. I would love a Christian program, but it does not need to be. I prefer (and the cp agreed) that a program for a few hours a day would be better than a 9-2 type program for her.

I am very interested in Apple Creek, but am open to other suggestions. The cp suggested something that was more geared toward friendships, playing, and less "structured academics" would be best.

Also, if you have any information about preschoolers with ADHD, I would love to hear more information from you.

Thanks, Mommies!

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I have heard great things about Kidcare at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church.




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I would immediately contact the public schools for testing. Just in case she has something more than the ADHD. They can then tell you recommendations for things to work on (or have the preschool teachers work on) to better get her ready for Kindegarten.



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Hi A.,
I know you said you didn't want an all day program, but my 4 yr old (who most likely is ADD, he has definate traits, his dad has it, but officially not "diagnosed") goes to Small Blessings here in Allen and they are FANTASTIC!!! They have a two day program and I believe they might have an opening. Let me know if you want more info.




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My 2.5 year old son goes to Preston Kiddie Kollege in Frisco, and absolutely loves it. He has really thrived there! Good luck finding something that works for you!
- M. O.



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WWW.Feingold.org is a terrific source for info on children with ADHD. In addition to finding a good preschool, I highly recommend that you check into a program that offers some type of sensory motor development. The Dallas Child has several locations advertised in their magazine. There is something about the sensory and attention deficit that go hand-n-hand. An example of a place to take your son for this type of therapy is My Gym or Little Gym. There is a belief that if a child gets the right balance of developmental activities, they can overcome the negative behaviors that come with ADHD. I wish you the best in whatever your decision will be.

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