Looking for a Pen Pal for My 11 Year Old Son?

Updated on March 09, 2011
S.B. asks from New York, NY
7 answers

Hi Momma's! I have posted many times before. I am looking for a pen pal for my 11 year old son. Not an email pal but a snail mail pal. Do any of you have sons my sons age who would like to be pen pals? If so, could you send me a message?
Also do you know of any websites that you can get a pen pal through? We have tried going through Yahoo Groups. There are a few that seem legit and my son actually had a pen pal at one time who quit writing.

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answers from New York on

How about an Armed Forces pen pal? Try Googling it.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My son is interested. He is also 11yrs old and attends 5th grade. Thanks for the great idea.

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answers from Cleveland on

talk to your schools teacher/princaple a lot of schools are doing pen pals with schools in different counties or over seas with the soldiers

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answers from Dallas on

I have an 11 year old son in 5th grade. Let me check with him and see if he would be interested in this. I think it would neat !

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answers from Los Angeles on

I dont think this is the properly channel to seek out a pen pal. you just never know these days and you dont want to trust someone on a forum to write your child, what if they get well acquainted and they seek him out, i dont know, maybe im over thinking it, but perhaps this can be a classroom thing that the teacher can arrange with another school



answers from Cleveland on

When I was little.. so like 20 years ago..haha I went to the library and they had program where you filled out info and then matched you to a pen pal. Mine was in AZ. it was fun.. I wouldn't mind doing it again at my age now.. I just dont know how many 29 y/o actually want to write on paper anymore..lol Good luck :)



answers from Sacramento on

I just googled "pen pals" and something came up.
I would check it thoroughly though first.
Does he have any older cousins that don't live in the area?
Do you have a good friend that lives out of town that has kids?
As long as it is legit, I think it's a great idea and I loved it as a kid.
Mine was from Channel 6 PBS zoom zoom I believe.

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