Looking for a Pedetrician Who Is Anti Vaccine or Friendly

Updated on January 12, 2018
R.G. asks from Tampa, FL
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Who accepts Medicaid in the bradenton sarasota area

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So What Happened?

I’m sorry I’m new here... but yes when I call doctors office I do ask if doctor is willing to work with us on making the right choice of wether to vaccinate. I mean till now my baby is vaccinated (6mo) but Still places I called say they won’t see me if I don’t want to vaccinate or that they strongly encourage it.

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answers from New York on

That's because doctors believe in vaccinations. They save lives.

That's like asking for a cop who is anti-seat belt . . .

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answers from Miami on

Quack doctors are anti-vaccine. Is that what you really want for your child? Your original post and your So What Happened post aren't saying the same thing. Anti-vaccine does not mean "making the right choice of whether to vaccinate". A REAL doctor is not going to believe in junk science that says vaccinating is the wrong choice.

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answers from Anchorage on

Please rethink your stance on vaccines. Vaccines save lives. Vaccinating your child can potentially save his life.

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answers from Springfield on

Remember, doctors all go to medical school and are very knowledgeable and very well trained. No amount of internet research is going to even come close to how well educated doctors are.

If you have concerns, I encourage you to ask the doctor questions. But right now you are assuming that you know more than the doctors about vaccines. Unless you wend to med school, that's simply not possible.

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answers from Columbus on

You are going to have a difficult time finding one, because most doctors aren't willing to put their other patients at risk. Herd immunity occurs when the vast majority of a community is vacinnated and thereby protects the more vulnerable members-- like newborn infants-- who can't be vaccinated. When members opt out of vacinatons, they put those vulnerable members at risk.

So, if your child gets measles when she is 2 and you take her to the doctor, every infant in that office is in danger. Doctors aren't ok with that.

If this is a path you really want to go down, then you may want to look for an anti-vax group in your area and ask them for recommendations. But you need to realize that finding a doctor will be the first of many challenges... You're also going to struggle to find day cares and preschools, and many play groups also restrict access.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm pretty sure no doctor will allow unvaccinated children into his/her practice where they could potentially harm innocent, healthy patients.

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answers from Washington DC on

i don't know any pediatricians who are anti-vaccine.

i do know a few who are open to discussion of selective vaccination or a slower vaccination schedule.

i don't, however, live in Florida. i suggest you limit your search criteria to account for that.

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answers from Anchorage on

You are having a hard time finding a doctor because most doctors not only trust science, they have also often seen first had the diseases vaccines help prevent or lesson. I doubt you will find any reputable doctor who is anti-vaccine, but by calling around you may be able to find one that will still see you, although many doctors have started turning away patients who refuse to vaccinate.
Best of Luck

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answers from Chicago on

I would suggest looking into those doctors that "highly encourage" the vaccines. Most doctors will not see patients that are not vaccinated because they do not want to put other patients at risk. I am not in your area but with my first 3, I vaccinated on schedule. Sometimes, it was 4 at a time. With my other 2, I let them know I wanted them vaccinated but not all at once. They get them at the right age but no more than 2 at a time unless it is a combined shot, they we just do that and I make a nurses appointment the following month or so for the next set. You will probably have to make an appointment to explain what you want rather than calling to see what the policy is.

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answers from Springfield on

I'm not sure how many pediatricians are "anti vaccine," but you might be able to find one who is going to be open to your concerns and willing to work with you.

If you've been making phone calls and asking doctors' offices if the doctor is "anti-vaccine," I don't think that's going to work. You might want to rephrase the question and ask if the doctor is open to taking patients who do not wish to have vaccines.

It might help, also, to mention why you are asking about vaccines. Are you concerned because you've had a severe reactions, religious reasons, maybe something you've read has made you leery. If you could mention that in your question, that might help. Doctors (like most humans) sometimes need to know why you are concerned. It helps them better answer your questions.

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answers from Norfolk on
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answers from Los Angeles on

Can you tell us why you feel the need to not vaccinate your child?

Without sounding crass, you're on the tax payers dime here, and you want a doctor to NOT vaccinate your child? WHY? WHY would you want to put your child through the pain and possible death of these diseases? We have so many immigrants coming to this country who have not been vaccinated and can have these nasty diseases. WHY would you want to do that to your child? Being on medicaid means you are low-income. That means you can't afford to take time off work to care for a sick child. Common sense would state that you would do everything in your power to ensure your child stays healthy. That means vaccinations.

It's been a long time, but our pediatrician took the time to spread out the vaccines instead of giving 6 in one sitting, or even 3. Some vaccines are combined.

I've never lived in Florida. I did a google search of doctors that accept medicaid in Sarasota, FL. this is what I found:


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answers from Atlanta on

I think you will have better luck looking for a pediatrician who is willing to give the remaining vaccinations on an adjusted schedule (spreading them out so the child only receives one or two vaccinations at a time) rather than someone who is 'anti-vaccine.' I do have another question, however. Your child has already started to receive some of the vaccinations. Why do you not want to complete the process? Did s/he had an unusually severe reaction to the first ones? If so, tell the new pediatrician so they can figure out what might have caused the reaction and avoid it. Some people cannot receive particular vaccines if they are allergic to eggs, for example, and doctors can find alternatives or just not give those ones. If you are having second thoughts due to information floating around about the supposed effects of vaccines such as autism, you should realize that most of those studies have been discredited. Please look for more up-to-date discussions about vaccines. I've been in countries where people did not receive the polio vaccine, for example, and the lifelong effects of that disease for people who get it are just tragic. You can see it in older people here too. Get informed and work with a doctor to figure out what will work for your family.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There are extremely good reasons to vaccinate your child. I grew up in a time where vaccines weren't available to us yet and I saw neighbors suddenly get sick and then start wearing braces and not being able to walk ever again because they got Polio, or a young man who got so sick from mumps that he ended up not being able to father children.

There is no good reason to not vaccinate and that's why doctors are not willing to take on your child. It's your choice of course but it's unlikely you'll find one that will take your children unless you're doing a spaced out sort of vaccine schedule.

When your unvaccinated kids come into the office for check ups they might be in the incubation period of any childhood illness.

In that doc's office are newborns that haven't had any vaccines yet that could get what your kids are carrying and die. Your kids could take illnesses in there and a pregnant woman who didn't get to have vaccines while growing up could get what they are carrying and if her unborn baby be affected.

Kids that aren't vaccinated can be carrying a host of things and in that incubation period where they're contagious but they're not sick yet.

It's not safe for other people that are vulnerable to be around kids that haven't had any.

So do understand that even though it's your right to risk your children to these illnesses there are others who can't fight off those diseases and their parents wouldn't want your children around.

Maybe you can be assigned to an Urgent Care clinic. The people that use them are usually acutely ill and there is room for everyone to be away from each other a bit, plus they have masks and hand sanitizer everywhere.



answers from Knoxville on

Guys, she’s not asking for a lecture. She’s asking for what she asked: an anti vaccine or friendly pediatrician.

I would just call around honestly. I’m from Tennessee and I am not vaccinating my son until his second birthday (next week) so it was very difficult to find a doctor that would accept him. Mostly, I got on their websites and they would have it posted whether or not they accept children that are unvaccinated.

I hope you find what you need :)



answers from Philadelphia on

Look for a homeopathic pediatrician that is “vaccine friendly.”

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