Looking for a OBGYN Who Accept Medicaid in Dallas/Irving Area

Updated on June 18, 2010
G.G. asks from Coppell, TX
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I would like to read people's experiences with medicaid and the hospitals. I have read somewhere else that Presbyterian at Dallas does note give you a private room.If you want one you have to pay 250 dollars per night...is that true?
Did anybody use Baylor at Irving? Did they have private rooms? how was it?

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wow, if that's true that's ridiculous! i wish i could help you, but i'm at h-e-b in bedford and my sister and friends went to arlington memorial (we all have medicaid) but we all get private rooms without paying extra...



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Yes it is true that Presby Dallas does not have private rooms unless you pay extra or if the census is low and they have empty rooms available. Medical City Dallas only has private rooms. This is something you'll want to investigate when deciding which hospital you deliver at. You can look up Medicaid providers on the state website. I would refer you to mine but I don't know that she takes medicaid.



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I've delivered at Presby of Dallas with all of my prev pregnancies. It's not $250 a night, it's about $100 a night. I was recently searching for a new OB GYN in my area and came across a great one in the city of Rowlett that delivers at Lake Pointe which does not charge anything for their rooms because they only have private so medicaid has to cover it.
I wanted to use this new OB and switch but I'm scared to leave my OB. I'm very comfortable with him, just wish he was closer to home.

Anyhow, Dr.Natalie C Light accepts medicaid and she's WONDERFUL. She delivered my second child, very attentive and you never feel rushed.

Dr.Clark Griffith is also great, a little more fast paced but is excellent at what he does. He doesn't always accept new medicaid patients though, you'll have to check with the insurance coordinator Lindsay first but either one of these OB's would be great for you.
Office number:###-###-#### (Both Griffith and Light are in the same office)

The doc in Rowlett that delivers at Lake Pointed and IS accepting new Medicaid patients is Dr.Jeffrey Meyers but you have to have the Parkland medicaid plan for him to accept you which is very easy to switch plans that's not the one you have. Just a phone call to switch.

Good luck, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
Personally, out of all the times I delivered at Presby of Dallas there was only ONE good post partum experience wiht the hospital. With prev deliveries and post partum care, the nurses were rude and made recovery a nightmare. However the last time I delivered there, I got the most wonderful caring nurses imaginable, I even wrote the post partum head of nurses to compliment the wonderful attitudes they had and how wonderful my delivery experience was because of them. I just hope it goes the same with my next delivery.
I've heard a lot of good reviews about Lake Pointe, good luck to you!



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I absolutely hated presby dallas. They didn't listen to me at all. They wouldn't let me switch postions to try to get my dd out. The dr said laying flat on my back was good enough. There were a few other things that happened there too that caused me to end up getting an unneccessary c section. I wouldn't reccommend it. I'm trying baylor dallas with my 2nd baby due feb. I also heard that presby allen is a lot better but I just can't bring myself to go to any presby hospital now.

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