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Updated on April 29, 2008
J.E. asks from Arlington, TX
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I am currently an out of work accounting clerk and administrative secretary looking for full time employment. This is the second time I have lost my job for staying home with a sick baby. My daughter had a fever of 104 and I felt I HAD to stay with her, so I lost my job. Anyone know of any "family friendly" companies hiring in the Arlington area? I am open to a new line of work, if it means I get to keep my job while taking care of a sick child! Thanks!

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Have you ever thought about working from home? That was the situation I was in 2 years ago. My little guy had horrible asthma, so I HAD to miss work sometimes. I decided that I was just a better situation all around if I just worked from home. Our pediatrician gave her "A-OK!" on a company and I was sold from there!! lol. I have replaced my income and now I am home full time with my 3 kids. I am a single mom now, so being able to stay home with my kids is amazing!
If you want some more information message me or request more information from my website: www.behomewithfamily.com




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Hey J.
My name is B. and I have a house cleaning company in Arlington. We are a small business with 5 employees and we have children under 9 so we completely understand! I have a 3 year old myself and understand family always comes first! Our hours are also flexible....it is hard work but we have fun! If you are interested I'd love to visit with you!
Thank you
Ck out our website to get a little more ____@____.com



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Quality First Personnel
9330 LBJ Frwy #815
Dallas Texas 75243

Sandy Mayo

Hiring Now!



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Hi J.! I'm so sorry for your job loss. It's unfortunate that more companies are not family friendly! I agree that working from home is best! I am a consultant with Arbonne International...I set my own hours (when convenient for my family) and give myself raises! Arbonne is a health & wellness company...everybody needs what we have!

Here is my website: www.healthy4you.myarbonne.com. Here is a recorded call that you can listen to ###-###-####...it's less than 25 minutes long. AFter you've listened, please give me a call at ###-###-#### as I'd like to as you a few questions to see if Arbonne might be a good fit for you. There is NO pressure!

My background was in accounting and banking before staying at home with my kids thanks to my Arbonne business!
D. :)

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