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Updated on October 26, 2008
N.G. asks from Calabasas, CA
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I hope somebody has a suggestion. We are 60 years old (unusual for this website) with a son a Freshman in college, and pay an absolutely ridiculous amount for health insurance. We carry Blue cross and on top of this high amount, no doctor we care to use accepts blue cross. We cannot find another provider that will carry us due to pre-existing conditions. My husband was diagnosed a few years back with type ll diabetes. Our insurance (in this wonderful economy) is breaking us! Any ideas out there; we would be so appreciative!

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I'm sorry I don't have information about health insurance, but I wanted to respond to what you said about being a Stay at Home Mom. I looked at the website, and I read that this site is for mothers of kids of all age: working or SAHM. So feel welcome and proud!


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You should call Kaiser. They have good educational programs for Type 2 Diabetes and they have many options if you don't like the care you are receiving. Blue Cross is a very poor example of healthcare in our state. Most physicians do not want to deal with them as they do not pay well for the services provided. You have a chronic illness which needs monitoring and you must be proactive about your health care. Insurance Companies are more loyal to their investors than their clients and Blue Cross is the worst. Keep trying. God bless.



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My husband and I work with someone who can quote you from all the major providers so you can compare, which is really important. You should also find out what your doctors take if you want to keep seeing them. Here is the information Heesham needs to run you a quote and get in touch with you:
What insurance you have and what you want (HMO, PPO)
Any specific needs you have
your Zip code
Phone #
and email

If you email me this information, I can get that to Heesham so he can contact you and work within your budget. He has saved our clients a ton of money in the past and has been around a long time in the health insurance industry.
My email is [email protected]____.com



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If you and your husband carry an individual policy, you're right, you can't change due to pre-existing conditions (diabetes is not likely to magically disappear). However, if your husband is employed by a company, their insurance plan cannot deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition. If you and your husband are relatively healthy, and you have to stay in Blue Cross, try enrolling in a plan with low premiums and a high deductible (which hopefully you'll never have to meet), i.e., a catastrophic coverage plan. That may qualify you to open a health savings account, which your husband's employer may contribute to. That way, if you have out-of-network costs or any other healthcare-related expenses, at least it comes out of pre-taxed dollars.
You're in a tough situation. I know people who are working full-time just for the insurance coverage, not for the minimum wage. Good luck.



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Hi N.....I hear you...this is a big problem for most families but I thought to share this with you as a nurse who has been in healthcare for a long time...after changing health plans so many times....I now know that to have hmo is the better way to go but you should choose your pcp wisely.....I have had bluecross hmo with ucla medical group for the past 3 years and I am very happy even though I live in the valley and have to travel a little bit but I dont mind because I get to see the same MDs that you see with ppo plans and I only pay copay of $20 and they refer me to specialist in ucla if I need to. For so many years I had ppo and ended up paying a deductible and expensive copay. If anything serious happens to me or my family, we know that we are in good hands and we can use ucla or santa monica hospital, which are very advanced in medical technology. I hope that I helped you in this matter.

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