Looking for a Natural Delivery Doctor in San Diego

Updated on April 09, 2009
A.M. asks from Chula Vista, CA
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I'm pregnant with my second baby, and the first was a c-section. I really want a natural birth, but not sure I feel comfortable delivering at home. Does anyone have a recommendation for a doctor that believes in natural birth & would be comfortable with a VBAC?

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Hi A.,

I don't know of a doctor but try calling Best Start, it is a natural birth center in Hillcrest, they may be able to give you the name of a doctor or be able to see you there:)

Best of luck,



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Best Start Birthing Center is close to down town on 4th or 5th Avenue.

God Bless!




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Hi A.-

The names already mentioned are good, I would look into UCSD Midwife Clinic. My friend is a midwife there and they do believe in Natural childbirth, and since they are located in the hospital, have it right there for emergencies, or even if you change your mind and want the epidural.

My insurance didn't cover UCSD. I have a HMO so Sharp Rees Stealy is where I go and what I did was go to the "Meet the Doctor's" night at Mary Birch Hospital and listen to what each Dr. had to say, and then make my decision there. One Dr. that a couple of my friend's had commented that "he'll treat you if you don't want the epidural, but had no idea why you wouldn't want it." So I didn't go with him!! Then when I had made my decision I made a appt with the Dr. and asked him what his philosophy was on VBAC's, and had my birth plan ready to discuss with him. My doctor told me that he was fine with me attempting a VBAC, as long as I realized that he was the Dr. and if he felt like my baby or I was in danger, that he had the right to make the decision to perform a c-section. My daughter was a absolute emergency and if we were having a home birth, she and I would probably be dead, or at least brain damaged. So I was fine with giving him the power to make that decision. When I checked into the hospital, in labor, I told the nurses of my wishes, and gave then the Dr. signed birth plan. They paired me up with a nurse that had a like-minded philosophy, and put a IV needle in, but didn't hook it up to anything. That way if there was an emergency, I already was ready. Anyway, I did have my v-back. It was really cool because I knew when I was at 10cm, and when they said I could push I rolled into the position that I knew that was going to work for me.

Good luck, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.



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Try dr timothy Riley in hillcrest. I am not sure of the specifics of your question but he is very supportive, excellent with great bedside manner. Good luck.

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