Looking for a Nanny for the First Time

Updated on November 19, 2010
N.S. asks from Hinsdale, IL
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Hi Moms
I am working part time but considering full time due to economic reasons. I am considering my options of daycare vs nanny. My son is 4 and in a preschool from 9-2 tues through friday. I am wondering if there are nannies who will pick him up after school and stay with him until me or my husband get home. I have never explored a nanny but my job may require night hours. Help! I want to know thoughts of other moms out there who are working full time and what they do for childcare.

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Yes...there are nannies who will pick your son up from school and stay with him until you or your husband get home from work. I am actually a daycare provider, not in the same position as you, but I know many moms who do work outside the home who are in a similar position as you who have found someone great to take care of their children. You can also consider in home daycare situations if you're open to that. A friend of mine takes one of her "kids" to and from preschool on the neccessary days. It is certianly possible to find a great fit for your family even with preschool being in the schedule. Good luck!

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My cousin had a nanny and now she is attending our daycare and without a doubt, you can tell she has no socialization skills at all. She does play with the other kids, but it takes her a very long time and she is having some difficulty learning how to share. It's a big adjustment so I would suggest doing to a daycare provider (private one who would be willing to take your kids to and from school).

Good luck.



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Hi N.,

I believe that there is also the option of enrolling your son in an extended care program at a daycare center/early childhood center. When I worked at a daycare in Skokie we had many students who went to preschool in the morning, and then were bussed from school to daycare, which closed at 6 pm. I know that is a long time to be away from home, but at least it is a change of environment.

Yes, many nannies do pick up children after school, especially if you can find someone who is enrolled in college and has morning classes only. You might want to check SitterCity.com to do a search. There is an annual fee, but I have found it to be well worth the investment.



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Check DuPage Childcare Resources through the YWCA. They have listings of licensed day care homes, preschools, etc. The director spent a lot of time with me and really helped me find the perfect daycare solution. Good luck



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I had my 3 kids mostly at childcare center or at a neighbor's house before/after school until they were old enough to come and go on their own.
My neighbor did encourage me to sign my kids up for the activities that she wanted her kids to also attend (ie swim lessons) and did transport them to/from her house and the swim lessons.
Given your need for night hours, you might consider working with local employment agency to determine availability of nanny and make sure background check is performed on your household employee. IRS web site explains that if you directly hire a household employee, you are responsible for paying taxes as their employer. I was fortunate to network and hire a retired teacher who drove my kids to karate lessons when they were elementary school age. I made periodic tax payments as a household employer. Friends of mine used the AuPair program to bring in a care provider to stay in their home for a year (but then they needed to provide a car for their AuPair employee). Another suggestion is finding a preschool or child care provider that will take your son longer than your 9am-2pm program that you are using today. You have many years of finding different childcare solutions ahead of you. Make sure you pick a childcare solution that is licensed by DCFS if you use childcare center and/or childcare home.
I always took my kids with me when we toured the next possible childcare solution to discuss if we liked the childcare center or childcare home. You will find out your criteria in what you are picking is different from your child's criteria. For example, my son rejected one childcare center because he didn't feel that the students were "friendly" and I rejected one because there was no backup if the careprovider got sick (this would have eaten my vacation time at work). It is important to take the time to explore your choices. This is timeconsuming but its important to your son's wellbeing that you pick a good solution for him.

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