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Updated on August 19, 2009
N.N. asks from Western Springs, IL
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Hi Moms, We just started our quest for the perfect family pet and have decided on the mini-goldendoodle. Does anyone know any respectable breeders of these dogs? I've looked at some rescues but haven't come across this breed and we really have our heart set on this kind of dog. I would really love to see some in person, my daughter has some allergies and want to double check to be sure this dog would be ok for her. Thanks for all your help!

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They really are too new a breed to have a rescue group yet. I take care of a really cute/good one I will ask my client where they got him and let you know.


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Goldendoodles are very cute and fluffy. BUT a Goldendoodle is nothing else but a mix of a Golden and a Poodle and therefore totally overrated and overpriced and real breeders would not cross breeds. It is all money making.
I am a groomer and I would say 85% of the Goldendoodles that come here are loaded with food, skin and environmental allergies. Be aware that this can be happening to your dog and you will be cooking dog food all day yourself and run to the vet on a monthly costly basis.
There are currently over 311000 animals waiting for a new owner on www.petfinder.com. Have a heart and adopt a dog in need. They do have ***-Doodles on there too.
I do not want to get into your business, but in general I wish people would just stop buying from breeders for let's say one year, so these guys in the shelters get a chance of adoption instead of being euthanized.
Good luck in your search!

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we got our mini-doodle last year from pups-4-kids robin is great and her prices are in line with what they should be! she raises the puppies in her home until they are ready for placement in a new home! we love our doodle though he is very energetic! you can check out her website pupsforkids.com. if hse doesn't have any doodle puppies listed give her a call and she will let you know if/when she can get some. hope this helps.

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There is a breeder in Elburn that I believe breeds them. Their site is www.akasdoodlesandpoodles.com. We got a mini labradoodle from her in February of 2008. He is a total sweetie and we've had absolutely no health issues with him. He was a puppy from their first litter of minis. A friend also passes along the info to one of her friends who got another minilabradoodle from them...no health issues and good dog. Good luck,

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I did homework in this area for over one year and choose an Australian Labradoodle for our family (a Goldendoodle was a close second). After doing more research and talking to people, the Labradoodle fit more of what we were looking for...we couldn't be more happy! He is sweet, gentle (I've got an 18 mo. old), doesn't jump, doesn't shed (really doesn't even when brushed). Make sure you interview and visit with a few breeders. We highly recommend www.arborgatelabradoodles.com. Gina and Dave are helpful, kind and really care for their dogs and not making $$.

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I had never even heard of such an animal...so I googled it. Try that....google "mini goldendoodle" and then call two or three of the closests breeders...ask to come see their facility or home and see their animals...also ask for references and any licenses (how do you spell that?)...If they don't want to have you over or want to provide the references and credentials...then run for the hills to the next two or three closest breeders.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with everything that Elizabeth said. Just to clarify, I'm not a breeder, never was and never will be. I am a dog lover and have done years of research for our dogs. It's sometimes hard to distinguish between what is a good breeder and what is bad. Anyone who claims to have AKC and the like breeds that include Mini-something, mixed breeds in their names and teacups are just breeding different dogs to make a quick buck. There's no testing, there's no lineage research whatsoever.

Avoiding these so called designer breeds will save you and your family from years of heartache and keep money in your pocket.

Please consider a well known, older breeds of dogs that have been around for years. If a laberdoodle is something you really want, it was mentioned that you should visit a shelter or even contact a local rescue group that specializes in that specific breed.

The unscrupulous breeders are counting on you and your money to further the breeding practices of these poor mixed breed dogs--and that's what they really are, mixed breeds, and NOT designer dogs as they advertise.

Please check out the AKC website to know what dogs are included, a shelter or a rescue group...it'll save you in the long run. I promise

I'm adding this---DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT go to Pups 4 Kids--Are you nuts?!?!?! These are a perfect example of millers representing themselves as a legit breeder! What breeder in their right minds would advertise dogs FOR kids?

AND.....WHO in their CRAZY minds would pay $1000 for a MIXED breed!! Sorry I'm yelling, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me mad! You want a mixed breed dog? Fine, go to the shelter and pay them an adoption fee of $200 and presto---you have a mixed breed dog!



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A golden doodle does not sound like a good fit. I'm thinking of a 7 year old dog, mixed breeds are best. You would do well with something like a collie/terrier. I happen to have such a dog that would be free. It would come bathed, pedicured, and with a month supply of food and dog treats. A bonus supply of heart worm medicine included. You don't want to miss the opportunity of owning this daisy of a dog.



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My boss had to give up his puppy that was a mini golden doodle because it was agressive around kids that were not his...neighbors' kids, family members' kids, etc. please try to rescue a dog rather than going to a breeder...it is best for the dog and will teach your kids a huge lesson. go to www.petfinder.com to see what is out there in your area!



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I think everyone has done an excellent job of explaining why NOT to contribute to another growing problem of "designer dogs". It is not done responsibly, no guarantee on temperment, hypo-allergenic, etc...

PLEASE, rescue a dog from a shelter or rescue group. If you can't find one that works with your daughter's allergy situation, please be responsible and accept that your family isn't meant to have a dog, cat, etc... rather than getting one and having to give it up later on.

Best wishes!



answers from Chicago on

GoldenDoodles are 'designer dogs' so BE CAREFUL. Personally, I have never heard of a 'mini' one. Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles are usually large full size dogs. Mini poodles are not normally bred with full size Goldens. What research did you do to be sure this is the dog for you?? Pet stores and puppy mills try and come up with the 'next big thing' all the time and advertise things like this, without any reason other than to get your $$. They often say that breeds are 'mini' versions because more people want smaller size dogs than big ones.

* I am also editing my response to agree with Izzy, below. DO NOT GET A PUPPY ONLINE!! The lady who says her dog came from pups 4 kids.com may have lucked out and gotten a healthy dog, but she is the exception AND it is pretty much guaranteed that she has just supported a puppy mill who is breeding dogs to exhaustion in terrible living conditions. All puppy mills lie and say their dogs are home raised with their family. The only way to know that is to GO TO THE BREEDER'S HOME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Seriously, you are getting this dog to play with your kids and you just want to order it online after seeing a cute picture?? Just please don't do it!! Be responsible. Best of all, consider getting an older dog from a rescue group who is already house-trained and good with kids and save yourself a lot of added work and trouble and give a good dog a good home without putting money into a puppy mill's hands.

Temperament is a big issue in a dog when you have little kids. A good breeder doesn't just breed to get a 'cute' dog- they are breeding for good health AND good tempers! Would you rather have a dog that is just cute or one that will be good with your kids?

Go to a rescue group for both breeds and ask THEM to recommend a breeder. If there is any reputable one in your area, they will know who they are. If you really are set on this designer dog, PLEASE be responsible and DON'T get a puppy mill puppy!

When you get a dog from ANY breeder, get it only directly from the breeder, NEVER from a store, no matter what they tell you about their puppies being family-raised, etc. That is almost never true.

1)Insist on visiting the breeders home or kennel and meeting the mother and/or father of the litter of puppies. you can tell a lot about your puppy's temperament from meeting its parents.

Insist on seeing where their dogs live, in a home or kennel. ANY REAL breeder will ALWAYS allow you to do this. If they try to put you off or say its too far away or they will meet you someplace with the dog, chances are it is a puppy mill.

2)AKC papers mean almost nothing, especially for something like a goldendoodle, which is not a recognized breed.

What you really want are papers with VET certifications- that the puppy has had a full round of shots and has been checked for soundness.

Each breed has very specific health issues. Study up on what those are for goldens and poodles and ASK the breeder to prove with documentation that a vet has checked these puppies for all of them. Get the vet's phone and address and call to verify that they take care of this breeder's dogs.

Again, DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED TO DO THIS. Any reputable breeder will be happy to give you this info. In fact, they will probably be relieved that you are being so responsible, as they will not want to let their puppies go to just anyone.

3)Ask for references of a couple of other people who have bought dogs from them. CHECK the references. ASk if the dogs are healthy, good natured, etc.

4)Make sure the papers from the breeder include a clause that they will take the puppy back, no matter what the reason. Again, any REAL, reputable breeder will ALWAYS do this, no matter what. They love their puppies and want it to be a happy home for them.

If the breeder refuses to do ANY of these things WALK AWAY. Be responsible and DON'T buy a puppy mill puppy! If you do, you will be putting money in the pocket of someone who is mistreating animals. Just because you 'have your heart set' on a dog, don't just go get the first one you see.



answers from Chicago on

Here's my two-cents on the Golden Doodle. I did not know what a "designer dog" was when I purchased mine. After I bought mine - I heard that "designer" term a lot and it seemed like a quick dig that people liked to say. Even Obama took some heat after he said he was "considering a LabraDoodle or GoldenDoodle" and I just knew he wouldn't be settling on one of them. I have bad allergies and was looking for a family dog that we could possibly have. If you read about Golden-Doodles, you'll read all the hooey about second generation, or third generation breeds, dad should be the poodle, etc... to breed a hypoallergenic dog. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that - on any breed! Even people can be allergic to soft- coated wheaten, which is generally a hypoallergenic breed. Someone could be allergic to the protein in their saliva (if they lick your hand.) My niece has this problem.

I met a man, recently, who had a 4 year old mini-golden doodle (45 lbs). He said he was the "greatest dog he ever owned!"

My daughter's friend has a 90 lb. Doodle - really a very cool dog!

I feel the same way about my regular sized (55 lbs - small for a Doodle, was the runt of the litter.) She was 8 weeks when we got her. I was reluctant and the first 2 weeks, my husband and my allergies were not good. In fact, I felt pretty awful. I was scared. Then, by the third week, miraculously, my allergies got better, my regular sinus infections went away, I've had the fewest Dr. visits in years. Even my Doctor commented on my "lack of visits". She thought I got a new Doctor!

My dog doesn't shed. She was very rambunctious, at first. Still has a lot of play in her at 1-1/2 years old but, my husband says she is truly the smartest dog he has ever had (and they had lots of pets!). She potty trained in 2 weeks - she no longer rings a bell to go potty - just does a low howl. Knows about a dozen tricks. Great dog.

We bought her at Alsip Nursery, in Frankfort. I have known many people who bought their dogs from there, with positive results. At least three of them have GoldenDoodles. Someone mentioned "Australian Labradoodles" - these dogs have similar temperaments as a GoldenDoodle. They can be calm or high strung, it just depends. I've also seen LabraDoodles that look just like my dog so it's something to think about. Some of your posts may be against buying a dog from a pet store. I can only share my experience with you and it was a positive one.

I would follow your heart. I had to take a chance and bring a dog into my home for the sake of my family. I'm so glad it was the right choice for us. Unfortunately, just having your daughter "hang with a dog" for an hour or two, won't be a valid test. If I settled on that system, I wouldn't have my dog, today.

Best of luck to you and your future GoldenDoodle.



answers from Chicago on

Have you looked at Petfinder and breed specific rescues? There are so many homeless pets and even more this past year as people are relinquishing pets unwillingly as they are losing their homes and having to move to apartments who won't accept pets. I'll bet if you google enough places you will find one. Even if it's far away, you can help a pet who has lost it's family even if you have to pay to transport him to you. Please do not purchase a pet from a pet store. I could go on and on, but I won't...because I firmly believe in rescues...



answers from Chicago on

Hi N.,

I have a golden doodle :) By no means is my pup a mini but he is the best dog ever!!!! Our family wanted a "big" dog so we picked the biggest of the litter. Ours is a standard.

Our breeder is located just over the Indiana border in Ohio. We went & picked our pup out & a couple of weeks later when he was old enough she met us half way!
This breeder is very reasonably priced & is great. She has minitures which are 30-40 lbs.
Her name is Mary Cramer and her phone number is 419-446-4615/ cell is ###-###-#### and her e mail is ____@____.com
I highly reccommend this breder & you (or anyone reading this) can call me anytime to talk golden doodles :) ###-###-#### J.

P.S. Once a month a bunch of doodle owners meet at the Lake
County Forest Preserve. It's a great place to see all the different doodles & talk to some owners. You or anyone interested in getting on the e mail list for the doodle romps should e mail Joan at the address listed below. Tell her you got the info from J. & "MAC"

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