Looking for a Loosely Structured Program for My 15 Month Old

Updated on December 05, 2008
B.M. asks from Ferndale, MI
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as an only child my 15 month old son doesn't have very much interaction with other kids so i'm looking for a program to put him in that is loosely structured. not looking for anything too rigid. once or even twice a week. we live in the ferndale area and i'm just at a loss as to programs or playgroups i can sign him up for.

any advice is appreciated!

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answers from Detroit on

WHen my son was around that age (18 mos) I had to put him in daycare adn looked specifically for one that was play based, not too structured as well.

I found one at a church. THey had activities and sang songs and such but there was alot of free time as well.



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I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for but Berkley Public Schools have an early childhood development program for kids from 6 weeks up until preschool. They have both a full time program at Tyndall Center (for parents who work full time) and a part time program. The part time program is run out of Avery which is actually located in Oak Park (but owned and run by Berkley schools). My daughter has been in this program since I went back to work when she was 12 weeks and she's now 2 1/2. The program for kids your son's age is great - somewhat structured but not necessarily school. I've found that it's really help my daughter to be social and even learn a few things that I probably wouldn't have thought to teach her. At 15 months, most of the "learning" is simply songs and child to child play interaction with a loose structure around the day. In reality, it's a daycare but they have a really great developmental program so I like to think of it as more than daycare. You can get more info on the Berkley Schools website: http://www.berkley.k12.mi.us/index.asp?item=330&name=...



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I have several ideas for you...

The ferndale community center has a playroom... "kids korner" lots of toys in a big fairly clean room.. It is usually open 9-3 mon - fri. You can buy a card for 6 visits for $10. Pretty cheap entertainment. We have gone sometimes and there are no kids ther playing but my 2 enjoy it anyway. You should call to verify hours.. ###-###-####. Sometimes they rent out the room for private parties.

There are free playgroups through oakland schools. There is one going on right now in hazel park.. There are 3 more meetings... Friday December 5, 12 and 19. Call Jean to register ###-###-####. You can find information about the oakland schools playgroups online-- www.oakland.k12.mi.us from the home page... select early childhood-- then 1/2 way down...select "learning together" That takes you to a list of the playgroups. The playgroups are 6 weeks long and rotate at various sites around the county... usually libraries schools or community centers. We are int he hazel park playgroup and there is space available.

Centerline public schools has playgroups.. Tuesday or Thursday mornings.... ###-###-#### am.. the classes meet at 10 mile and ryan. Basicly free play.. and story time.. there is a craft activity and playdoh or some other messy thing.. paint etc... Call ###-###-#### for more info.. The teacher is Tammy -

Libraries.. libraries libraries.... I have been to lots of kid programs at libraries.. I highly recommend the birmingham library. They offer a story time for babies 0-18 months.. It is great. The room is bright and sunny and small enough to keep the kids from just running around wildly. They usually do the story time on MOnday and Tuesday mornings every other week. Check the website. www.baldwinlib.org If your son is very active - he might do better in teh story time for 18-30 month old children. I have heard that the Hazel Park library does a great story time. I havent been there myself. Madison Heights library does a nice story time.

How about a fun cheap music class. www.musicalstorytime.com

They have music classes in several locations.. Perfect for young toddlers... We attend the class in Troy on Satuday mornings.. But there are also classes in Royal oak on Tuesday mornings.. The classes are $55 for 8 weeks.. which is bargain. The class is laid back and if your son wanders it is no problem.. ( my son often wanders) My kids love musical story time... It is a fun class.

There is a moms club for ferndale.. you can search for "moms club international" I am a member of the sterling heights chapter of the moms club. they have playgroups at members homes and other activities. Some chapters are very active.

Let me know if you try any of my suggestions and what you think... I try to keep my 2 kids busy every day..



answers from Detroit on

I'm not sure what you are looking for, but I teach Kindermusik in Rochester Hills. It's not that far from you.. it's a 45 minute interactive class with a small group of moms (max is 6 in my classes) and then you have home materials to do during the week with your son. Let me know if you have interest.
www.loziermusic.kindermusik.net (Jan. classes are under FALL)



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Join Royal Oak/Ferndale Mom's group - we do stuff almost everyday and you pick and choose from what interests you.


I think it's really important to find baby activities that you enjoy doing too (like mall stroller walks) with other moms that you like to hang out with - especially with your husband gone all week!

Good luck!


answers from Detroit on

In home play based program.


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