Looking for a Hotel That Provides Cribs.

Updated on March 31, 2008
T.T. asks from Keller, TX
4 answers

My husband and I were planning on taking our 22 month old to Sea World SA this year and I was wondering if anyone knew of a hotel/motel that provided cribs in San Antonio? I was also planning a trip to Houston to the Down Town Aquarium and would like a hotel/motel there who provides them as well.

I cant use our travel crib any more because she is a large child about the size of an ave 3 year old (34 1/2" tall and 32 lbs)

I would like someplace CLEAN, SAFE and somewhat AFFORDABLE.

Thanks for your help.

Please provide personal experiences with the hotel/motel.

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answers from Dallas on

You could get a room with 2 double beds. Push one against the wall and have one of you sleep next to your daughter and the other sleep in the other bed. Or get a room with a king size bed and all 3 of you could sleep in that. Or, even pack a sleeping bag and make an "adventure bed" on the floor for your daughter.



answers from Dallas on

most hotels provide them if you ask for one...



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think 4 seasons has them but that's not exactly affordable.



answers from Dallas on

My experience is that hotels say they have cribs but they are just playpens or travel cribs. Your best bet might be to get a room with 2 beds and ask for some extra pillows to put around her. We had the same problem with my son and called ahead and they assured us they had cribs but when we got there they handed us a playpen.

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