Looking for a Hike for 2 and 5 Year Olds

Updated on September 15, 2009
C.G. asks from Duluth, GA
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We want to take our children on a hike this weekend, preferably one with waterfalls. We're in Gwinnett and willing to drive an hour or so. My children are almost 6 and 2 and a half. So I'm really looking for an easy walk in the woods vs. hike. My husband is being stubborn about not wanting to go on a paved path that some of the state parks have.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the input! We went to DeSoto Falls and Holcomb creek falls.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I don't know if it's too far away for you, but the short hike to Pearson Falls near Tryon, NC is very nice and easy. Lots of places to stop, rest, and enjoy the scenery. I think it costs $3 to get in.
M. B.

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answers from Atlanta on

My all time favorite is Minehaha falls in Rabun county, easily reached by car, short walk, and the kids can actually get in the water _ wear non slip boots or hold on tightly! as it spills down stairstep rocks. Very fun, easily can spend hours there. No facilities, just off a dirt road, not well marked but follow the directions and you won't be sorry! much more to do in that area, wish I lived closer, we spent a week there one fall exploring.

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answers from Augusta on

Hey Cool! I don't have any advice for you, but I enjoyed reading others' advice because my son and I are totally into camping and I would love to introduce him to hiking also. I'm taking notes on the suggestions people are giving.




answers from Atlanta on

Line Creek in Peachtree City is really quite nice. It's just off the main drag - Route 54. Great "white water" and photo ops. The terrain is not too difficult, but not paved. We LOVE going there - we have a 16 mo old. He loves to play in the water. I'd recommend hiking shoes or rough sole water shoes and bathing suits. Enjoy! (Oh yah, and maybe some bug spray - just in case!)



answers from Atlanta on

Peachtree City
Flat Creek Nature Preserve
Nice hike (not too difficult) no concrete
w/ areas to wade in the water
picnic area
no restrooms
you can get directions online



answers from Atlanta on

Elachee Nature Science Center
2125 Elachee Dr
Gainesville, GA 30504-7158

This hike is great...it is close to Gwinnett. It has many different trails to follow. They start out paved...about .25 miles of paved..from there they are not. There is lots of places to sit along the trails. The waterfalls aren't great, but it is fun for the little ones. They also have a little wildlife "zoo" inside so the kids can see the animals up close. Take some water shoes in the backpack...there is a couple of nice places to stop and play in the water.

I take my teenagers all the time. Don't let the proximity to the freeway fool you. You will not hear it at all...you would never know it is there.



answers from Atlanta on

If you like camping, try Enota near Helen (http://enota.com/waterfalls.htm). They have 4 waterfalls on their property, I believe. They also have hiking trails. You can also stay in their lodge or cabins if you aren't into camping. Very kid friendly place w/ nice playground w/ inground trampolines, small farm, etc. Check out enota.com. I've been to Anna Ruby, Amicalola, Tallulah Gorge. These are pretty much paved trails--although, worth seeing!

Anyway, I know this isn't a quick hike for the day, but thought you might like it.



answers from Spartanburg on

I'm not sure how close that is to Elberton, I'm from SC. But have you ever been to Watson Mill? Some friends of mine took me there so I'm not sure if there is any info online but they have a hicking trail-that I've never been on- and waterfalls that you can walk under. The whole area is like a huge creek with rocks along the whole length that u walk on or slide down. Its extremely slippery but not hard to find your balance. Check it out.You may like and you may not but like I said I'm not sure how far away you live from there.The trail is not paved though and the water is beautiful even if you don't go out in it.



answers from Columbus on

Hello C.,You are in the best place in Ga.to go hiking and see water falls.Their are Ama Kalola(tumbling waters)in the Amicalola Falls State Park,;Anna Ruby Falls in Helen,Ga.;DeSoto Falls-Blairsville,Ga.;Tallulah Gorge,the longest waterfall in Ga.;Toccoa Falls 19 feet higher than Niagara Falls,located on campus of Toccoa Falls College.All this in Ga.and so much more.Have fun exploring!



answers from Athens on

Have you been to Watson Mill State Park? There is only one waterfall but my son has been going there since birth and he loves it. He's been able to walk on the paths by himself since he started walking. The trails are very easy. There is a play ground and picnic areas. There is a trail that has pavement for about half the way, but the other ones do not. But, my son hikes them just fine. HTHs.

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