Looking for a Half Day Preschool Close to Aventura

Updated on March 07, 2006
L. asks from Miami, FL
4 answers

Just need a couple of hours a day a couple of days a week.My son is going to be three next month and we need to meet some new friends.

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answers from Miami on

I would log into www.familycentral.org, print all the VPK approved schools in your area and shop them.

At least you know those schools were scruternized by your county's office in order to comply with certain regulations.

From there, go with your gut feeling, you know what is best for your child.



answers from Miami on

Hi! My name is L. and my little girl just turned 3 on March 1. I also have a 5-month-old baby girl. I don't have my daughter in preschool, but I did look for one and did not find ANY that were not full-time. Good luck with finding one. But meanwhile if you'd like to get together for a playdate, I'm sure my daughter would love to meet your son. We live in Aventura, right on Country Club. We could meet here at my place or at Founders Park some time. Our schedule is very full, but some Tuesdays, Thursday afternoon, Fridays, and possibly Sundays are good for us. Let me know if you're interested.



answers from Miami on

I have a son whos is also 3! Arent they just little hurricans! COngrat on your pregnacy!!!

Their a group of mom we meet up after
walking! Is mommy get fit! Well at least trying:))

Email me ill give you the contact!
I live right of Highland blvd!

Best wishes




answers from Miami on

I really don't know about any day care on your area but I also have a 2 years and 4 months and I was looking for a day care for him half time but talking about money is better just pay for the full time instead half. They always try to get you there it's more expensive.But really I wish you luck.

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