Looking for a Great Toy for 2 Year Old Boy!!!

Updated on December 10, 2008
M.S. asks from Oak Lawn, IL
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Hi, my son just turned 2 in November, and I am looking for a couple great toys to get him for Christmas!!! So, I was wondering what toys are working for you Mamas out there and see if you had any suggestions!!! Thanks so much!!!

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answers from Chicago on

My son started collecting wooden trains and train track when he was 2. He plays with them everyday still - years later!

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answers from Decatur on

Work bench with tools - my son loved this at two

Firetrucks that make noise

Cash register with play money (my son has the DORA one and he still plays with it and he is almost 4)

Thomas the Train sets - my son also still plays with these.

Merry Christmas!! Many Blessings.



answers from Chicago on

I would get the Fisher Price Little People parking garage or barn. They have many playsets to choose from, and they're all cute! I got our now 3yr old girl the dollhouse last Christmas and she still plays with it. He'll love the cars! She also loved doing wooden puzzles (Melissa and David have great ones).
Happy shopping!



answers from Chicago on

My son loves trains... if yours does too, I highly recommend some. Personally, we like the Playmobil train set, we also have a nice set of Brio trains and wooden track. (LOVE this one because you can always add more track expansion packs, bridges, tunnels, etc as future gifts), or the Melissa and Doug trains. They have several they make.

My 2 yo son is also fascinated with animals and he loves the animal figurines that Sietech makes (?? can't remember the exact name - it's a german company). they sell them at Target and toy stores - you can get farm animals, dinosaurs, elephants, etc etc.



answers from Chicago on

We are getting Connor who is 18 months the Step 2 Doorway Playhouse. The only place I could find it was on their website as it has been out of stock on Toys R Us. This is essentially one side of a playhouse. It has a door/windows and cat door mailbox and doorbell and you just sit it in the doorway to his room. His cousins have one and he LOVES LOVES it. He will go and open and close the door 50 times!



answers from Chicago on

One of my son's favorite toys last year at Christmas, he was two, was this big fire truck I got at Target. It was like $10 and it does all sorts of things. The ladder goes up, it has a siren, sounds of fire men talking, he still loves it and it was really cheap :)

He also loved the train stuff, he has some Thomas and some geo track to be price considerate.

If you're looking for a little action and fun, check out the Up & Down Roller Coaster. Kids LOVE that thing. I still get it out when we have kids over. Its fun and is physical. Warning it does take room up in the house, you need a long stretch of room. Also, if you're looking for it, its like $130 bucks but last year Aldi had em for like $50! My friends bought a bunch of em, I of course was the sucker that had paid full price, lol.

Have a wonderful holiday. . . last Christmas my son was so cute & excited when openeing presents. . . I cried the whole time! Enjoy:)



answers from Chicago on

Bounce House for the basement to get plenty of exercise in winter

My first LeapPad reading books

Sit and Spin...my girls love theirs even now at four and six

Letter system by LeapFrog where it sticks to the fridge and you put the letters in to find out their sounds.

Simple wooden puzzles

Work Bench to become familiar with tools

Big Block plastic blocks with tub....my girls and the neighbor boy have literally played with the one we have everyday for the past two years. WE even bought another bucket of the smaller ones and are thinking of another set of big ones since we have so many kids playing with them in the house now.



answers from Chicago on


My son loves the Geotrax stuff. It used to be his older brothers (now 7). The 7 yr. old and the big sister(9) still get into the action and all 3 can play together. Every year there are new things to add on which makes it interesting to them all over again. He also loves building with mega blocks, the soft foam blocks and the brick looking blocks made out of cardboard.

Have a great Christmas!



answers from Chicago on

My son loved role playing toys like Rescue Heroes, also Mega Blocks. The blocks are much bigger than Legos that your son might still put in his mouth. My son continued to play with them ebven after he was playing with Legos. he says they make great garages for cars and such. Also, he loved Thomas the tank engine and a wooden railroad train set. You connected the pieces of "tracks" like a puzzle. When he got it he went nuts for it and played for hours. It was not the Thomas set, I only paid about $20 for it and it was just like it. I think Kmart still sells it.



answers from Peoria on

My son couldn't get enough of Thomas the Tank Engine when he was two. He's six now and he still plays with all of his Thomas stuff. If it is too pricey, consider the Brio trains and tracks. They are cheaper and he'll still love them.

Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

Two words Leap Frog!!!! This is a great start for all children, they have great educational games for children. It will definetly grow with your kids.


answers from Milwaukee on

I have to agree with the previous poster, trains and animals were my sons favorite presents last year and still loves both, the imaginirium train table was the best investment we have ever made, he loves it and since last christmas has played with it every single day.



answers from Chicago on

My son just turned 2 in October and he absolutely loves the geotrax train set and airplanes. He still plays with them everyday and even my 3-1/2 year old daughter loves to play with it too. I would highly recommend this. GOOD LUCK!



answers from Chicago on

My two year old loves puzzles and toys that stack. Likewise, trucks and trains are a big hit. If you're looking for educational things, the Jump Start Toddler CD-ROM programs have been fantastic for us.

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