Looking for a Great Reputable Dentist in Southlake

Updated on April 13, 2006
V. asks from Southlake, TX
4 answers

I'm looking for a dentist in Southlake. There are so many to choose from but was wondering if anyone has a dentist they really love and would recommend.

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answers from Dallas on

I've been seeing Dr. Todd Strickland for about a year. Prior to that, J. Scott Miller was the lead in the practice, but he has since left. So, I've been going to the practice about 5 years, and have always found the staff to be very helpful, gentle, quick, and perhaps best of all, I've never waited more than 2 minutes for an appointment!

Their office is at 1709 and Carroll.



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Dr. Calender is a great dentist. He is located in the Hobby Lobby shopping plaza on 1709 next to Benny's Bagels. I was always such a baby when I had to go to the dentist but he makes you feel comfortable



answers from Dallas on

Hey Girl - send the recommedations my way, I am also looking for a good dentist - A. L.



answers from Dallas on

i think i know you! is this V. gerda? i'm K. K....married to buzzy.

anyway, i have been to stephen anderson (i think that's his name) on 1709 near 114 (i think it's right across from starbuck's). keller family dental (in keller also on 1709) is also recommended.

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