Looking for a Great OB GYN in the West Ashley Area....

Updated on May 06, 2007
K.B. asks from Goose Creek, SC
4 answers

I have been told that Roper St. Francis hospital in West Ashley has been voted best hospital to give birth in. Does anyone have any experiences there or know why it was voted best birth hospital?? Also I am looking for a good OB GYN that would have delivery rights there. Someone who is as non- medical about the birth process as possible. Thanks!!

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answers from Charleston on

Well I have a great Gyn but he is in the summerville and north Charleston. It is Low Country Women's specialist. There phone number is ###-###-#### or in Summerville ###-###-####. You will want to see Dr Givens. He is so great. When he does your pap smear you can't even feel it. Also if you have to have any surgery is skills are great. I have had a few surgerys and you can't even see the scars from where he cut me. He is so kind, and has the best bed side mannor I have ever seen. I know you are looking for at West Ashley, but if you don't mind driving a bit more you should try him! You won't be displeased! Hope you have a great day!

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I loved St. Francis. I also have Dr. Ezman at Creekside Women's Care as my OB/GYN. She is fabulous! She has an office at St. Francis and also one in Goose Creek where she goes on Tuesdays. You will LOVE her!



answers from Charleston on

Hi K., I had my second son at St.Francis and it was like being in a 5 star hotel. The nurses were wonderful.My Dr.is Dr.Ezman @ creekside womens care. They deliver at St. Francis & Roper. I'm scheduled to have my third child in 4 weeks at roper downtown. I would be having it at St.Francis if i was not having my tubes tied. Creekside womens care is wonderful. Now Dr.Ezman is a women some people don't like that ( a women dr). I hope this helps. If you need more info please email me. Dottie



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For my first and third child, Dr. Wade Boatwright delivered them. I thought he was a great doctor and did really well with explaining everything that was going on with me. I am now pregnant with my fourth child and am thinking about going back to him again. He works at St. Francis.
I delivered at Roper and St. Francis and I am not sure why St. Francis was voted the best place to deliver, because I thought both places were equally good.

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