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Updated on March 17, 2009
L.S. asks from Tacoma, WA
4 answers

I have a digital camera that is ok but the display screen has started to go blank. For me the best thing about a digital camera is that you can look at your photos to see if you got a good shot. I have been wanting to be able to get a nice camera for a long time. Please tell me about the camera that you love especially if you know anything about photography.

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My parents got me and my husband a Nikon D80 a couple of years ago for Christmas. We love it, but I think they're pretty pricey. I've heard lots of good things about the D60 and D40, too. There are lots of great cameras out there, and if you have time to compare that with what you need, you should be able to find something great. www.kenrockwell.com has a lot of good camera reviews of many different brands.

Good luck!



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I love my Canon PowerShot SD870IS. I needed a small camera that I could fit in my pocket, purse, or diaper bag so that limited my choices. It's got 8 mega-pixels & a great, huge display that shows so much detail when you zoom in to see the photos you've taken. Plus, it's got a slight wide-angle lens which helps since my usual subject is my son (no surprise, right?) & he's usually so close. The wide angle is the equivalent of taking a step back to take the shot, which I needed. The image stabilization is good since I'm always moving around to take the shot quickly. Like pretty much any digital camera, there's a slight lag from when you press the button to when it snaps the shot but I think my high-speed memory card helps (don't remember what it's called but the camera shops can tell you which cards are faster).

The only downfall of my camera, as far as I can tell in the year I've had it, is that there's no optical viewfinder so you have to use the screen to see what you're taking. That's not a problem for me ever (even in bright sunlight) but it confuses my parents when they try to use it since they're used to looking through the viewfinder rather than at the screen. I'm no camera expert but I really like my camera & am happy with it after doing tons of research before I bought it. Since it's a year old, there might be new & improved models on the market but if so, this one should be even cheaper.




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Hi..I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-H9 8.1 megapixel with 15x optical zoom..I love it..it takes awesome pictures and has some nice features the screen on it is 3 inches we've had ours since May of last year! Hope you find one you like...
I've also heard good things about the D-90 made by Nikon..it bit pricey..if you have the money



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I just recently purchased a Canon PowerShot A590. It's what I like to call "idiot-proof", meaning you can use it without first reading the instructions. A few pluses are: it uses AA batteries (I don't like having to buy "special" batteries), it has both a large screen and a view finder, 8 megapixels and 10X zoom, and it didn't cost a fortune! I did my research, read a lot of reviews and found the best price on Amazon.com.
Best wishes!

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