Looking for a Good Sheet Cake for a Promotion

Updated on May 19, 2008
S.R. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
4 answers

My husband will be having an AF promotion party at the end of the month. We've only been living here a few months and I'm wondering if anyone can offer some advice on where to get a sheet cake. I know all the grocery stores and Sam's Club offer reasonable prices, as well as Whole Foods, but I was wondering if anyone had experience with any of the local ones. Previously I've gotten them at Sam's Club, but I don't know if a white cake with white frosting is what we want this time. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi S.,
King Soopers has wonderful cake. We have used them several times and in addition to being reasonable, they are yummy. They will give you samples to try of different choices they have...
Hope that helps,



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I had my daughter's first birthday cake made at King Soopers. It was a white cake with whipped frosting and 2 fruit fillings. The design and color choices were also made to my specifications. When I went to pick it up, PERFECT was what came to mind. The cake was MOIST, the frosting was TASTY and the fruit filling was DELICIOUS! And best of all, the price was VERY REASONABLE, about $30.00 - $35.00 for a whole sheet cake with filling.

If you go with King Sooper's, I really think you will be pleased. Hope this helps and good luck.



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The best bakery in town is Boonzaaijer's Bakery. They are contracted out to Glen Eyrie and have the best cakes. Visit their website:


They are located on Centennial before 31st Street.

Hope this helps!



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I agree with Kim about Boonzaaijer's Bakery.....they have some great cakes! Another place I have used is Creative Cakes:


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