Looking for a Good OB/GYN in Carrollton, Specializing in Fertility Issues

Updated on December 10, 2006
S.H. asks from Carrollton, TX
4 answers

Hi Moms,

I'm looking for a new OB/GYN near or around Carrollton that specializes in fertility issues. I'm not sure that I really have any issues yet, but my husband and I have been trying for almost a year now for our second and with our first, we got pregnant right away.

I'd prefer a woman, but I'm not opposed to seeing a man. I'd just like to hear from you all about your dr's.

Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Dallas on

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years. I went to the specialist and I was not ready to jump into fertility treatments right away. They have told both of us the we have unexplained infertility. In other words...every thing is working and they can't find a reason why. They were ordering injections for me before I left the office.

We decided to start with a less invasive option and we both are seeing a acupuncture fertility specialist in Frisco named Dr. Liu. If you look back at other postings on fertility, you will see that others have said good things about her. You have to do what feels right for you and I wish you all the luck. Dr. Liu is also very willing to work with your doctor if you decide to go with fertility treatments. She can help your egg qualily and prepare the uterus for a healthy pregnancy. The website is acupuncture4women.com



answers from Dallas on

Dr. Alfred J Rodriguez is an infertility specialist. He is at Presby Plano and an amazing man. I had infertility issues and wish I had gone to him right away. We are expecting a boy and girl, I am 24 weeks.
Best of luck. Goggle him :)



answers from Dallas on

Dr. Wei Zhang at Trinity Medical Center is a wonderful choice! He's a very gentle, caring indiviual. He listens! That's kind of hard to find in doctors, sometimes. But Dr. Zhang treats you with respect. He also handles fertility issues. He's wonderful.



answers from Dallas on

Dr. Barnett is in Carrollton at the hospital there. He is an infertility endocrynologist. He partners with Dr. Douglas in Plano (who I used). My ob/gyn is moving in January to the Plano Presby area. He doesn't do infertility but will evaluate you and refer you to an infertility dr. Once you get pregnant you would see him again. His name is Dr. Keith Reilser.

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