Looking for a Good Ob/Gyn in Alpharetta Area

Updated on February 05, 2008
C.G. asks from Alpharetta, GA
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I am looking for a good Ob/Gyn in Alpharetta area affiliated to North Fulton regional hospital. Is there any other hospital for Labor and delivery in Alpharetta area with good Ob/Gyns.


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answers from Atlanta on

Hi there!

I had a really traumatic experience with my first delivery, and it was considered a 'normal, uneventful' delivery. It had everything to do with how I was treated by the Dr. and hospital staff of a major 'baby factory' hospital in downtown Chicago. I did a lot of research when we moved here, and found Isis ObGyn. Both the midwife, Kay, and the Dr. are great. They work with North Fulton Regional, and Kay recommends it highly as a place that is more open to letting you direct your experience rather than being pushed through the labor and delivery mill.

I've had a few rough patches with hyperemesis this pregnancy, and the ER staff at North Fulton Regional has been phenomenal. If you're looking for a more personal experience where you won't feel like a number on a chart, it's a great hospital.

I see that someone here recommends Northside - It's very popular, but I would think twice. They literally deliver more babies per year at that hospital than any other hospital in the nation (this in my opinion is not a good thing!) and their published first-time c-section rate is an outrageous 36% compared to North Fulton's 10.4%. Nearly half of the women who go in to deliver at Northside have an emergency c-section! Red flag! Of my new neighbors (all of whom delivered at Northside), 4 out of 5 who delivered in the past 3 years had emergency sections. I would definitely stick to North Fulton Regional.

Someone here also recommended the North Point ObGyn midwives. I've heard they're great, too, however they were too busy for me. I called once and left a message and never heard back. I called again (like a month later), let them know that I didn't receive a call, and finally got a message back about a week later. I was also told that they charge $50 just to go in and interview a midwife to see if you want to use them. I think that's crazy. Anyway, that was my experience with North Point. By the time they got around to me, I was already happily seeing Kay Johnson at Isis.

Good luck in your search! I can't recommend Isis enough!




answers from Atlanta on

Northepointe obgyn is the BEST is you want a natural birth - their midwife team is awesome - and very very low c-section rates.

You can look them up on kudzu.



answers from Atlanta on

Hello I just viewed your request. I had my son about 18 months ago at North Fulton Regional and it was a great experience!
I had a team of midwives, Margaret Stuckhouser and Emile Toufighian and they were great. If you prefer a traditional Ob/Gyn their supervising physican was Garry Siegel and he was knowledgeable (I had complications after delivery so I dealt with him.) They have a team of about six M.D. and C.N.M and I am sure you will find someone you like although I just loved Margaret she was like my mom the whole time :) Their office is right across from the NFR Hospital and the have an office in Cumming to if that is more convenient. Here is the # to both offices. Main ###-###-#### and Cumming ###-###-####. You will love NFR they have all the modern technology with a small hospital feel, the private rooms and the nursing staff was great. Much better than Northside where I had my middle child. They also offer Water Birth if you are interested in that. I will send you a private message with my phone number if you would like to discuss this more. Hope it helps.




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people love the midwives at northpointe obstetrics. i went there last year(they "delivered" my baby) and I wasnt too impressed. but everyone else loves them.

now that ive replied i see that someone else suggested northpointe too. it's where margaret strickhouser is. Emily was my favorite. My dislike comes from lack of access for my after care and the fact that the lady missed my birth because she didnt make it to the hospital intime.



answers from Atlanta on

You must call the midwives at North Point OB/Gyn. I am sure someone else has already told you this. I did not read the responses prior to responding.
I had a water birth last Feb at North Fulton and plan to have another in April.

They are an amazing team over there!! They are on the hospital campus!!



answers from Atlanta on

it depends on what you want. but I would try http://www.isisobgyn.com/



answers from Atlanta on

There is a building on Old Milton Pkwy, just EAST of GA 400 with at least 5 OBGYN offices in it. It is on the corner of Old Milton and the first light east of 400 across from Gas station with Burger King in it. I go to North Atlanta OBGYN, but I know North Georgia OBGYN, Peachtreee etc are all in that same building. I also HIGHLY recommend you deliver your baby at Northside hospital, it is "the" baby hospital, like St. Josephs is the cardiac hospital, Children's Hospital is where you take your kids for a problem, etc. Northside has it's main hospital at 285 and 400, but they also have one on exit 14 in Forsyth. I live in Alpharetta and had both my kids at Northside. Go take a tour of the facilities (free and everyone recommends this) I have been to North Fulton Regional before and I don't think I would have a baby there, maybe a broken arm? Also, there is Emory at Johns Creek, as I live east of 400, that is where I have gone for emergency visits that last 2 times we have needed it. Just a thought. Ask around Northside delivers more babies than almost anywhere in the country, although it is called the baby factory, that is where I want to be if there were to be a problem, lots of experience. Have a great day and hope this helps.



answers from Atlanta on

My drs. name is Garry Siegel and his practice is North Pointe OB/GYN. His office is directly across the crosswalk to North Fulton Regional Hospital. He is extremely nice and I loved the staff as well. I have a 6 year old son that was turning 3 while I was pregnant and he had to go to all visits with me and the staff was always nice to him and he would actually stay with one of the nurses while I went in the room for my visit. They treated him like one of their own kids and he always looked forward to seeing Miss Dottie (the lady that took care of him most of the time).

I felt like I had the best care there and the care I received at N. Fulton Regional was great too!

Here is Dr. Siegel's website: http://www.npobgyn.com/

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